How to apply for NSFAS Bursaries

How to apply for NSFAS Bursaries

How to apply

Who may apply for financial aid?

South African citizens who have the academic potential to succeed at university or FET college, and require financial assistance to pay for their studies.

General instructions

  • Please read these notes carefully before completing the Online Application Form. Make sure that you read every section and that the information you provide is accurate.
  • If you need career guidance before you fill in the Application Form, please go to the South African Qualifications Authority website. Click here for SAQA website.
  • You must write your identity (ID) number in the top right-hand corner on every page of all your supporting documents.
  • You will need to attach documents to support your application. Click here to see a list of documents you will need before you can fill in the NSFAS Online Application Form.
  • NSFAS will only process the first application that we receive. Please do not submit more than one application unless NSFAS requests you to do so.
  • NSFAS requires a cell phone number or email address in order to communicate with you during the application process.
  • If you do not already have an email address, you can create a free email account on at or at or any other free email service.
  • If your application is successful, NSFAS will use the cell phone number which you fill in on the application form to pay some of your student allowances.

Closing dates

Annual, first semester & first trimester registrations

The closing date for application submissions and all completed required documents, for new applicants and learners, is November every year for the 2015 academic year.

The closing date for application submission and all completed required documents for existing university or TVET college non-NSFAS students for the following academic year is Novermber.

How do I send my required documents for my Online Application to NSFAS?

Your required documents can be sent to NSFAS using one of the following channels within the prescribed closing dates:

1. Scan or email your required documents to NSFAS using the following email address: [email protected]
2. Post your required documents to NSFAS: Private Bag X4, Plumstead, 7801.



Online applications submitted without required documentation will be accepted but will not be processed until the supporting documents are received.

Required documents without an identity number will not be processed.

Application assistance

If you require assistance in completing your application form then contact:

The NSFAS contact centre on 0860 067 327, or

The FAO at the university or FET college that you wish to study at.

Disability assistance

If you have a disability, you must complete Annexures A and B and submit them with your application form.

You must provide proof of your disability and a quotation for assistive devices as required documents with the application form.

Funding for assistive devices follows the same approval process as for financial aid. If you are successful in your application for financial aid and you have received notice of the final approval amount from NSFAS,

you may arrange to purchase your assistive device through the student disability unit at the university or FET college where you are going to study.

The university or FET college can purchase the assistive device on your behalf. Please contact NSFAS on 0860 067 327

or visit your university student disability unit to get information about providers of assistive devices.

Should you require more information about NSFAS loans and bursaries for students with disabilities, please click here.

Online Application Process for New Students

STEP 1: Read the list above indicating which universities and FET colleges are in the pilot for 2014.

STEP 2: The online application form is best viewed in Internet Explorer version 8 or 9.

STEP 3: Click here to complete the Online Application Form

STEP 4: NSFAS will send you SMS messages and emails about your application.

Sign your Loan Agreement Form (LAF) or Schedule of Particulars (SOP) Online (FOR PILOT INSTITUTIONS ONLY)

STEP 1: Click here to sign your LAF or SOP online

STEP 2: Enter your ID Number and click on the search button

STEP 3: Once you have clicked on the search button you will receive your One Time Pin (OTP) either as an email or SMS

Please note that if you are a minor under the age of 18 at the time your LAF or SOP is ready to be signed online then your legal guardian or parent will receive the OTP and will need to follow steps 4 – 9

STEP 4: Enter the OTP* sent to you from NSFAS

* If you have not received a OTP click the resend OTP button

STEP 5: Click on the login button

STEP 6: Read the LAF or SOP by clicking on the folder icon

STEP 7: Enter your cellphone number and email address

STEP 8: Agree to the funder terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox

STEP 9: Click on the submit button

A One Time Pin (OTP) is a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that NSFAS will send only once to your cellphone number to confirm that you are the person logging in to accept the LAF or SOP