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Wits University‎ Applications for 2016 – Wits, a world-class research university in Africa, is renowned for its commitment to academic and research excellence. It contributes to the global knowledge economy and local transformation through the generation of high level, scarce skills and innovative research. At the forefront of a changing society, Wits is an engaged institution, dedicated to advancing the public good. It promotes intellectual communities and attracts talented students, distinguished academics and thinkers from around the globe.
The Student Enrolment Centre

The Student Enrolment Centre (SEnC) deals with any enquiries related to applying to study at Wits. This includes accommodation, financial aid, sport and other bursaries, career education, curriculum advice and selection test information. We can also help with registration, timetables, syllabi and booklists.

Applications for admission in 2016 are now open.

Notice to Health Science applicants for 2016 
The proposed online Biosketch for Health Sciences applicants will not be implemented in 2016. Thus the selection process for  applicants for Health Sciences in 2016 will be a composite index calculated  based on the following: Your Academic results for five subjects  and the National Benchmark Test Scores.

Important information for the Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Therapy
PLEASE NOTE that the final decision to split the current dual BA in Speech and Hearing Therapy degree, into the degrees of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology are being finalized. Until the final approval is obtained from the required governing bodies, the degree will be offered as a dual degree.  If a situation arises where the final approval is not obtained in time for the 2016 intake, applicants will be considered for the dual degree and 40 final offers will be made. If the final approval is obtained in time for the 2016 intake, then 25 final offers will be made for the degree of Speech-Language Pathology and 25 for the degree of Audiology.

The 4 year LLB Programme will no longer be offered. Prospective students should apply for the B Com with Law or the BA with Law. Click here for the more information.

Additional Forms

 Download a PDF of the application form

 Bachelor of Arts Dramatic Art (BADA) – interview and audition requirements

 Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television (BAFT) – interview and creative assignments

 Bachelor of Arts Fine Arts – audition and interview requirements

 Bachelor of Music – audition requirements

 Bachelor of Arts Performing and Visual Arts – auditions and interview requirements

 Bachelor of Social Work  – Assignment

 BSc Occupational Therapy Certificate of Attendance

 Bachelor of Architectural Studies – application exercises

 Law Biographical questionnaire / Applicants who are currently studying or have previously studied at Wits

 Law Biographical questionnaire / Applicants from another University

 Application for Financial Assistance


Applications for admission to Undergraduate studies for 2016 – apply online

If you are checking the status of your application, click here.

Student Enrolment Centre
Private Bag X4
Wits 2050

Ground Floor, Senate House
Jorissen Street

How do I apply?

Closing dates

Faculty of Health Sciences (All programmes) 30 June 2015
Bachelor of Architecture 30 June 2015
B Audiology and B Speech-Language Pathology 30 June 2015
All other University programmes 30 September 2015
Financial aid applications 30 September 2015
Residence applications 30 September 2015
The abovementioned closing dates are also applicable to International Applicants
Some faculties may consider late applications. This does NOT APPLY to mature age exemption and International applicants as no late applications will be considered after 30 September 2015.

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