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The purpose of the BA Fashion Design programme is to develop fashion designers, problem finders and problem solvers that have the competence to work independently as entrepreneurial fashion designers.  The objective of this degree is to:

  • Apply integrated knowledge and advanced conceptual thinking skills to innovatively solve complex fashion design problems;
  • Use a range of design methods, processes and techniques competently to create, present and argue for professional fashion designs;
  • Enable students to demonstrate knowledge of design history and theory in broader context and fashion design history and theory in discipline specific context, and to conduct design criticism and research.

Career opportunities

  • The programme will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for a design career in the fashion industry, including:
  • Problem solving through design
  • Fashion entrepreneur
  • Fashion designer
  • Pattern engineer
  • Stylist

Admission requirements

  • Senior certificate or equivalent qualification with a minimum APS or M-score
  • Attendance of an entrance assessment and the submission of a portfolio once the application form has been processed
  • Completion of the National Benchmarking Test (NBT) for Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL)
  • Compulsory school subject: English

Recommended school subjects for Fashion Design include Art, Design Studies, Business Economics and Mathematics

Average Point Score (APS)

Min APS Languages Mathematics Other requirements

submission of
a specified portfolio

Langua ge of teaching and learning* Other recognised language**

Maths Lit


(50 – 59%)


(50 – 59%)


(50 – 59%)
OR Maths Lit: 5

A minimum APS of 23 with Mathematics or 24 with Mathematical Literacy is required to apply for the programme.

*English, Home Language or English First Additional Language
** Home Languag e or English First Additional Language

This scoring system is used if the applicant completed school prior to 2008 or A/0 levels. A minimum M-score of 12 is required to apply for the programme.

Symbols A B C D E
Points Higher Grade 5 4 3 2 1
Standard Grade 4 3 2 1 0

Selection Criteria
Applicants are selected by means of the submission of a prescribed portfolio.

Entrance portfolio

PROJECT 1: Make a detailed line drawing of a pair of shoes from 3 different angles using A4 paper.

The drawing should more or less fill up the page. Each drawing should be on a separate page.

PROJECT 2: Ladies Day Wear • Ladies Evening Wear • Ladies Active Wear • Mens Casual Wear • Mens Active Wear

Identify 3 garments (1 from any category given above) from any fashion designer/brand that you can find in a magazine. Re-draw the garments and colour using any type of medium that you prefer (i.e. pencils, paint) on A4 paper. Draw each garment on a separate sheet of paper and attach the photographic reference (picture) of each of the garments to the back of the illustration. Attach fabric samples that you think would suit the designs, one for each illustration.

PROJECT 3: Design and make a fabric shoulder bag by yourself using the following dimensions:

  • BAG: Width: 25cm / Length: 30cm
  • BAG SLING/HANDLE: Any length or width of your own choice, as long as it suits that bag that you are designing.
  • DECORATION: Decorate the bag according to a stated theme of your choice.
  • MATERIALS TO BE USED FOR THE BAG: You may make use of any of the materials that you feel are suitable. Please note that the bag needs to be sturdy and usable.
  • MOTIVATION: Write a short motivation (120 to 150 words) explaining the theme you chose, the fabric you used and how you decorated the bag.

PROJECT 4: In a well-developed 500-word essay, describe your understanding of the fashion industry and explain why you have chosen fashion as a career.

Pay attention to the presentation of your portfolio as this is a part of the portfolio assessment criteria. You need to add a signed declaration (a signed affidavit from the police station or a commissioner of oath) that the above is your own work. Make sure that every project has your ID/passport number clearly visible.

Prospective candidates may be asked for an interview as part of the entrance assessment.

Portfolio Submission
Applicants must submit a prescribed portfolio.
Submission of a portfolio must only take place once you have officially applied to the university and have been invited by the faculty to participate in the selection process. You will be informed by means of a selection letter from the faculty regarding submission dates and portfolio requirements.
All portfolios must be sent via a courier company or delivered in person to:
Mrs Antoinette Engelbrecht
Department of Fashion
Faculty of Art Design and Architecture
FADA Building, Bunting Road Campus
University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park, 2092
Telephone number: 011 559 1022 / Email Address:
Applicants are informed of the outcome in an official letter. Portfolios must be collected four weeks after submission, unclaimed portfolios will be disposed of by the department.
International students must submit their portfolios by 16 September. International applicants (or applicants who do not live near Johannesburg) will need to use a courier (i.e. DHL) to send your portfolio. Due to the practical nature of our programme we are unable to do online assessments of portfolios.
Important Documents
Ensure that you include the following documents with your portfolio:
A copy of your latest school results
A copy of your ID/passport
An ID/passport photo of yourself
Portfolios should be submitted to the secretary of the department, Mrs Antoinette Engelbrecht in the FADA building, APB Campus of the University of Johannesburg. If you have any questions contact the Department  at 011 559 1022 or email
Good luck and remember to have fun!
Contact Details
Department of Fashion Design
Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA)
University of Johannesburg
Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus
FADA Information Centre

011 559 1022/1098 I or