Business Partners Graduate Internship Programme 2016

Business Partners Graduate Internship Programme 2016

Business Partners Ltd, leading specialised risk financier for small and medium enterprises, offers a career opportunity for Graduates. We’re passionate about funding, supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs, or as we like to call them, the square pegs in a sea of round holes. If you are too, and see yourself as a square peg, the BUSINESS/PARTNERS Graduate Internship Programme could be for you.

Post Available:

  • Graduate: Property Inverstment
  • Graduate: Consulting
  • Graduate: Accounting
  • Graduate: Human Resource Management
  • Graduate: Marketing
  • Graduate: IT

Minimum Requirements…

The minimum requirements for this position are:

The programme is for highly motivated and talented graduates who want to follow, and achieve success in, a career path in SME finance.

·         Graduates who qualify during and after 2015 and who hold a business related degree with     sound academic results;
·         South African citizen;
·         Valid driver’s licence
·         Individuals with potential, who are hard-working, focused and driven;
·         Candidates who would like to expand on their theoretical qualifications with practical experience;
·         Candidates who have a passion for entrepreneurship and SME finance;
.         S/he must be computer literate.

Job Specification…

About the Graduate Internship Programme:

·         The objective of the BUSINESS/PARTNERS Graduate Internship Programme is to bridge the gap between academic study and workplace requirements.
·         It offers young, recently qualified, people with potential to gain practical work experience and skills in the world of SME finance.
·         The programme has been developed to officer structured training programmes that are relevant to small and medium business and finance sectors.
·         In this way, it aims to prepare the interns who complete the programme for full time employment and give their career in SME finance a head-start.
·         Each intern works with a dedicated coach who offers both soft skills training and practical on the job training.
·         Successful interns receive a certificate of completion as well as a reference letter for the company.
·         The programme has produced an excellent pool of candidates who have entered the formal workplace with a solid practical foundation in SME finance.

What modules are offered?

The programme offers a comprehensive training plan, with modules on business, finance and management skills:

·         Orientation: the SME world and entrepreneurship, introduction to due diligence, financing programmes for SME, financing programmes for SMEs, financial models, legal and advanced     taxation
·         Soft Skills Modules:  Assertiveness, self-discovery, emotional intelligence, negotiating skills, diversity and perceptions, self-development, corporate citizen, and stress management;
·         Management Modules: Advance negotiation skills, leadership and motivation, deal generation, communication skills, time management, conflict management, customer service, change management, team building, presentation skills, sales and marketing, and report writing.

General Information

·         Preference will be given to those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
·         The Graduate Internship Programme is run in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town
·         Interview will commence on 1st of June 2015
·         The Closing date for applications is 30 November 2015.
·         Candidates who have been short-listed are notified by no later than mid-December 2015.
·         The programme starts on 1 February 2016.

If you are interested please apply by registering your CV on the career page of Business Partners Limited at

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