SABC1 Generations Teasers December 2015

SABC1 Generations Teasers December 2015. Here is whats coming up on Generations: The Legacy this December:

Episode 2 (Tuesday 01 December 2015)
World Aids Day
Shock and horror when a bankie of drugs is discovered in Itumeleng’s hand. The family starts to sense something is wrong when there’s no answer from inside the vestry. Lesedi desperately wants to go home but Xolelwa won’t let her.

Episode 3 (Wednesday 02 December 2015)
Ma’Ngobese blames the Morokas for what happened. In a moment of quiet solitude Smanga finally breaks down. Cosmo gets a phone call and is stunned to hear who it is.

Episode 4 (Thursday 03 December 2015)
Lucy warns her brother not to make the same mistake again. Nolwazi is thrown to see who Getty’s new ‘friend’ is. Mazwi is rattled by what he discovers in Simphiwe’s belongings.

Episode 5 (Friday 04 December 2015)
Lesedi doesn’t receive the warm welcome she expected. Zondiwe reveals Tshidi is lying about the fact that she’s coping. Xolelwa is excited about the prospect of getting a proper job.

Episode 6 (Monday 07 December 2015)
Siya’s words give Zola some serious food for thought. Tebogo receives a desperate plea to reconsider the burial issue. Cosmo steals money in order to help Esther.

Episode 7 (Tuesday 08 December 2015)
Vuyo is determined to carve out his own path on his own terms. Lucy isn’t happy that she’ll have to take the drugs to London herself. Karabo and Angela are shocked by an unexpected outburst.

Episode 8 (Wednesday 09 December 2015)
Mazwi demands answers from his deceased wife’s lover. Tau hopes the dark cloud hanging over the family will soon be gone. Xolelwa proves she’s still nothing but a petty thief.

Episode 9 (Thursday 10 December 2015)

Patricia is furious when she sees who Getty is friends with. Not everyone is happy about Esther’s return. Zola soon comes to regret his decision to attend his son’s exhibit.

Episode 10 (Friday 11 December 2015)
For once Lucy is right only Cosmo’s too blind to see it. Smanga is hurt when Karabo seems to have lost faith in him. Vuyo’s day is ruined after he receives bad news on top of being snubbed.

Episode 11 (Monday 14 December 2015)
Instead of offering comfort, Jonathan’s words rub salt into an already raw wound. Mam’Bhengu is taken aback when her son lashes out at her. Xolelwa gives Lesedi something valuable for safe-keeping.

Episode 12 (Tuesday 15 December 2015)
Angela is determined not to make the same mistake twice. Esther deals the Diales a crippling blow. Wandile’s welcome home dinner ends on a sour note.

Episode 13 (Wednesday 16 December 2015)
Day of Reconciliation
Nolwazi is not impressed by the way she and the staff are treated. Karabo and Zola find it impossible to fight the attraction they feel. Mazwi is shocked to the core by what he finds on Simphiwe’s laptop.

Episode 14 (Thursday 17 December 2015)
The Radebe brothers come to blows about their father’s affair. MaNgobese is horrified after hearing a startling revelation. Vuyo has to swallow his pride in order to earn an income.

Episode 15 (Friday 18 December 2015)
Tau realises he has to do something to protect his interests and fast. Jonathan is hurt by Smanga’s scathing comment. Getty makes a startling discovery.

Episode 16 (Monday 21 December 2015)
Lesedi tells Xolelwa it’s time to stop stealing. Karabo is not impressed when Lucy shows up at the house. Zola is powerless to resist the woman he loves.

Episode 17 (Tuesday 22 December 2015)
Wandile tries to play peacemaker between his father and brother. Angela is shocked about Mazwi’s revelation. Cosmo pays Gadaffi a visit and is rattled by what he finds.

Episode 18 (Wednesday 23 December 2015)
Zondiwe’s fears are confirmed when Amo has to be rushed to hospital. Smanga is worried that Musa might rat him out. Jonathan thinks he’s finally being taken seriously but couldn’t be more wrong.

Episode 19 (Thursday 24 December 2015)
Christmas Eve
Tshidi is frustrated about the doctor not having any answers. Max is not impressed when Getty gets all gaga about another man. Tebogo finds out that Simphiwe was not as innocent as she seemed.

Episode 20 (Friday 25 December 2015)
Christmas Day
Gadaffi is rattled when Zondo spells out the terms of their deal. Tau walks in on Karabo talking to her lover. Mazwi’s drunken outburst leaves everyone floored.

Episode 21 (Monday 28 December 2015)
Xolelwa sets her sights on one of the Morokas. Smanga almost gives his game away when he takes on the elders. Nolwazi tries in vain to fight the attraction she feels.

Episode 22 (Tuesday 29 December 2015)
Lucy has a plan on how to earn a legitimate income. The Morokas are shocked by who pays them a visit. Tshidi is forced to do something she doesn’t want to.

Episode 23 (Wednesday 30 December 2015)
Gadaffi decides to tell Tau the truth. Mazwi does all he can to avoid dealing with his true feelings. The rift between Cosmo and Lucy gets wider by the day.

Episode 24 (Thursday 31 December 2015)
New Year’s Eve
Zondiwe is suspicious about what the prophet had to say. Vuyo watches Zola like a hawk at the party. Angela is shocked when she spots two ‘friends’ kissing.


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