University of Western Cape Application Form 2016

University of Western Cape Application Form 2016 – Applications for admission to the University in 2016 has opened for all programmes

Closing Dates for All Applications for admission to the University in 2016 is 31st October 2015

Apply Online here

Online Application

Learners are encouraged to apply on-line to speed up the application process.

How to complete the application form

The application form has various sections that have to be completed such as , name, personal information, planned programmes of study, school details, financial details etc.

After completing a section, click the submit button of the page to save that section’s information. Now move to the next section and repeat the procedure until you have completed all the sections of the form.

  • Collect all the information you may need and keep it at hand while you complete the form.. This should enable you to complete the form in one sitting.

  • Please read the information carefully before you answer each question

  • Provide all the information required in each section

  • Before you submit the application, ensure that your responses are correct and that you have filled in all the required information on the form.

  • After submitting the application, you will receive an application number. You must use this number in all enquiries or correspondence with the university.

  • The system will automatically refer you back to the particular item/section that you must correct or complete if you have made an error or omitted  information.

  • Do not forget to indicate your first and second choice of degree programme. You will be considered for your second choice programme if you are not selected for your first choice programme.

  • Any mis-representation of information on the ap​plication form and/or the submission of false documentation in support of your application will be considered in a very serious light. It cold lead to refusal of admission or immediate expulsion from the university.

  • By submitting your application you are indicating that the statements contained within it are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

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