Lists of South African Nursing Colleges / Institutions

Last updated on April 26th, 2020 at 08:12 am

Lists of  South African Nursing Colleges / Institutions

SANC Accredited Nursing Education Institutions

One of the functions of the Nursing Council is to accredit nursing education institutions (NEI’s) and the training programmes presented by those institutions. Council is empowered in terms of legislation to perform these functions.

Illegal Nursing Colleges and Institutions / Programmes

It is imperative that learners make sure that the institution where they will be trained as a nurse or midwife is accredited by the South African Nursing Council AND that the training programme (course) is also accredited by the Nursing Council . If either is NOT ACCREDITED, the Nursing Council will not recognise any of the training the learner has received. This means that the learner will not be able to practise in South Africa (or elsewhere) after completing the training. All the time and money that the learner has spent on education and training will be wasted.

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Students, please contact the Accreditation Section at Council to verify your information if a particular institution does not appear on these lists or if you find any errors on the lists.