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My Brother’s Keeper Teasers 04-08 December 2023

Get ready for a week of unprecedented drama and unraveling mysteries in “My Brother’s Keeper Teasers 04-08 December 2023:

Monday 4 December 2023
Episode 31

Cleaning the mess

Nomusa steps up to clean the Thuthuka mess Nqubeko is in. After consummating their relationship, guilt quickly swallows Koketso. Thoba’s plans regarding Phindi take a detour.

Tuesday 5 December 2023
Episode 32

Nowhere to be found

Thuthuka fails to attend an important meeting and leaves the family wondering and speculating about his whereabouts while Nqubeko is riddled with guilt but withholds the truth.

Mam’Sarah is on a mission to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself with Koketso. Thoba brags to Sibusiso about sleeping with Phindi.

Wednesday 6 December 2023
Episode 33

Guilty as charged

There is grief and devastation as a family and community come to terms with an untimely death. Sibusiso makes a heartbreaking discovery. When Nqubeko comes face to face with his dark deed, he makes a devastating decision.

Thursday 7 December 2023
Episode 34

A mother’s pain

MaMchunu is barred from burying her son. Phindi makes a shocking announcement to the bereaved Shabalalas. Koketso and Sibusiso fail to fix things in their relationship.

Friday 8 December 2023
Episode 35

You are not the boss of me

MaMchunu defies Mshengu and shows up at the funeral, Mshengu returns the gesture, but not in kind. Koketso gets conflicting advise on the way forward with Sbu. Nomalanga is over protective of Thoba.

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