CSIR Internship 2016: National Centre for Nanostructured Materials

CSIR Internship 2016: National Centre for Nanostructured Materials

The CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) is a leading scientific and technology research organisation, implementing projects throughout Africa and making a difference in people’s lives.
About the job:
The CSIR/Department of Science and Technology National Centre for Nanostructured Materials is a platform for the implementation of the South African National Nanotechnology Strategy. The Centre undertakes innovative research on nanostructured materials and has an extensive research network with other local and international research organisations. It has a strong focus on human capital development, makes a significant contribution to the creation and dissemination of new scientific knowledge and collaborates closely with industry to help ensure successful outcomes and imp act of the group’s research and development activities. The position is based in Pretoria.
Job requirements:
The research unit is seeking motivated and enthusiastic interns who wish to gain exposure and practical work experience by involvement in its research projects:
  • Polymer Nanocomposites: chemical and polymer processing involving manufacturing of nanostructures and upscaling, and developing polymer nanocomposites for various applications,
  • Materials for Device Applications: fabrication and testing / characterisation of materials,
  • Characterisation Facility: assisting staff, CSIR, academic and industrial clients in the characterisation of materials across a number of te chniques and instruments.
Qualifications, skills and experience:

Applicants must have one of the following:

  • National diploma or BTech in chemical engineering, polymer science or polymer processing, polymer technology or materials Science,
  • BSc or BSc (Hons) in biochemistry and physiology,
  • BSc (Hons) in chemistry or physics or materials science.
  • Experience in the following will be an advantage:
  • Industrial experience in chemical plan operation, compounding or polymer processing or synthesis,
  • CAD / industrial drawing experience,
  • Expertise in hands-on running of characterisation equipment, either electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), x-ray instruments (XRD), optical instruments (FTIR, PL, etc.) or polymer characterisation instruments (TGA, DMA, DSC, Rheometry, etc.).
  • Acceptable communication and presentation skills.
  • Research and report-writing skills.
  • Problem-solving, solution-seeking orientation.
  • A goal-oriented approach.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in teams.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Ability to supervise young researchers.
Closing date: 31 December 2015
The CSIR is a responsible employer; we have put measures in place to ensure that equity is implemented such that it best serves the interests of the organisation and South Africa as a whole. This speaks to the CSIR’s commitment to the Employment Equity Act of 1998. By applying for this position at the CSIR, the applicant understands, consents and agrees that the CSIR may solicit a credit and criminal report from a registered credit bureau and/or SAPS (in relation to positions that require trust and honesty and/or entail the handling of cash or finances) and may also verify the applicant’s educational qualifications and employment history.
The CSIR reserves the right to remove the advertisement at any time before the stated closing date and it further reserves the right not to appoint if a suitable candidate is not identified.

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