Department of Human Settlement: Internships 2016 / 2017 in Pretoria

National Department of Human Settlement is offering Internships Programme for the Financial year 2016 / 2017 in Pretoria. This is a 12 months long internship programme and the interns will receive a monthly stipends during their placement.

To apply for Department of Human Settlement internship, applicants must be unemployed, between the age of 18 – 35 years, and must have not been exposed to an internship programme before.

Internship application deadline is 17 June 2016.

Internship Provider: Department of Human Settlement

Internship Location: Pretoria

Field of Study:

Information Technology (x1 Intern)

  •  N6/ND: Information TechnologyNetwork & Information Technology Server Support Services

Ref No : DOHS/06/2016

Human Resource Administration (x1 Interns)

  • N6/ND: Human Resource Management

Ref No : DOHS/07/2016

Human Resource Development (x1 Interns

  • N6/ND: Human Resource Management/
  • Human Resource Development/
  • Management of Training

Ref No : DOHS/08/2016

Organisational Transformation(x1 Interns)

  •  ND:Public Administration/
  • BA Social Science

Ref No : DOHS/09/2016

Communications Services(x2 interns)

  • Bachelor’s Degree/N6/ND:Communication/
  • Marketing/
  • Journalism/
  • Graphic Design and Muitimedia

Ref No : DOHS/10/2016

Legal Services (x1 Interns)

  • Bachelor’s Degree / National Diploma:Law

Ref No : DOHS/11/2016

Records Management (x1 Interns)

  • ND:Archival Studies & Information Science

Ref No : DOHS/12/2016

Library Information (x1 Interns)

  • N6/ND Information Science or Knowledge Management

Ref No : DOHS/13/2016

Entities Oversight & Legislative Compliance (x2 Intens)

  • N6/ND:Financial Management and Public Policy and Governance

Ref No : DOHS/14/2016

Enterprise Architecture and Enablement (x1 Interns)

  • N6/ND:Public Administration/
  • Business Management and Strategic Management

Ref No : DOHS/15/2016

Enterprise Architecture Monitoring & Control (x1 Intern)

  • N6/ND/Bachelors Degree:Public Administration/
  • Strategic Management/
  • Financial Management /
  • Business Management

Ref: DOHS/16/2016

 Professional Projects (x1 Intern)

  • N6/ND: Public Administration / Management & Project Management

Ref:  DOHS/17/2016

 Technical Development (x1 Intern)

  • N6/ND Organisational Development and Psychology

Ref:  DOHS/18/2016

 Capacity Development (x1 Intern)

  • Bachelor Degree: Research & Marketing

Ref:  DOHS/19/2016

 Technical Training & Skills Developmental (x1 Intern)

  • N6/ND: Public Administration / Management and Project Management

Ref:  DOHS/20/2016

 Financial Management (x5 Intern)

  • N6/ND: Accounting & Internal Audit

Ref:  DOHS/21/2016

 Supply Chain Management (x3 Intern)

  • N6/ND: Supply Chain Management and Transport

Ref:  DOHS/22/2016

 Research (x1 Intern)

  • ND: Economics & Research

Ref:  DOHS/23/2016

 Office of the DDG (x1 Intern)

  • N6/ND :Office Management & Technology and Administration Management

Ref:  DOHS/24/2016

 Accreditation Frameworks (x1 Intern)

  • N6/ND : Public Administration and Social Science

Ref:  DOHS/25/2016

 Macro Policy (x1 Intern)

  • ND : Town & Regional Planning and Development Studies

Ref:  DOHS/26/2016

 Operating Policy (x1 Intern)

  • ND: Economics Policy and Development Studies and Social Science

Ref:  DOHS/27/2016

 Stakeholder and Intergovernmental Relations (x1 Intern)

  • N6 / ND : Public Relations /Marketing/Public Administration and Project Management

Ref:  DOHS/28/2016

Human Settlement Strategy & Planning (x1 Intern)

  • N6 / ND : Town & Regional Planning

Ref:  DOHS/30/2016

 Data Management Verification 7 Analysis (x1 Intern)

ND : Information Technology & GIS

Ref:  DOHS/29/2016

 Risk Management (x1 Intern)

  • ND:Risk Management4
  • Internal Audit & Internal Control

Ref:  DOHS/31/2016

 Special Investigation (x1 Intern)

  • ND : Risk Management,  Forensic Investigation & Internal Control

Ref:  DOHS/32/2016

 Internal Audit (x1 Intern)

  • ND : Internal Audit

Ref:  DOHS/33/2016

 DG office (x1 Intern)

  • ND : Public Administration

Ref:  DOHS/34/2016

How to Apply:

Forward completed applications to:
The Director-General
Department of Human Settlement
Private Bag X 644

Or hand deliver to Justice Mahomed Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria. For Attention,Mr Abel  Mositsa, Tell 012 444 9120

Enquiries:Ms Pumeza Qokola 012 444 9073 or Ms Pontsho Rantsana 012 444 9075

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