Villa Rosa Teasers February 2015

Villa RosaVilla Rosa Teasers February 2015 –  Coming up on Villa Rosa (kykNET) in February 2015:

Monday 2 February 2015
Episode 2040

Sonja’s ignorance behind the stove is a problem. Maryke pulls Anthony deeper and deeper into her game. Vicky and Marius agree not to bring romance into their friendship. Fritz encourages Stef to contact Vicky but Stef is not ready yet. Stef confronts Nico about his past. Just as Stef thinks that he and Gunther are getting closer, Gunther does something that causes doubt in Stef.

Tuesday 3 February 2015
Episode 2041   

Stef is angry with Astrid. Carina cannot understand why Eben is suddenly so eager to work at Bakgat while Sarah does her best to make food for the Villa Rosers. Marius says that Vicky must decide on her future and Fritz puts the same pressure on Stef. Nico tries to manipulate Gunther, but it’s not so easy …

Wednesday 4 February 2015
Episode 2042

Nico plays a manipulative double game with Gunther and Fritz. Stef is still in a dark place and he shocks Gunther with an unexpected gift. Maryke has Anthony in the palm of her hand, but Isabel has her suspicions. Marius’s relationship with Vicki goes well, but then he takes it too far.

Thursday 5 February 2015
Episode 2043

Gunther is very interested in what happened between Stef and Astrid. Nico makes eyes at Sonja and she’s pleased. Anthony gets more involved in Maryke’s life even though it seems she doesn’t want his help. Gunther has memories from his childhood which means he has more questions and Vicky makes a confession to Marius.

Monday 9 February 2015
Episode 2044

Maryke continues to play merrily but it looks like one of her teammates is suspicious. Nico attempts to fulfill Astrid’s plan for Stef and gets caught. Fritz tries to maintain peace in the Villa while maintaining support for Stef. Marius is unsure about his feelings and Astrid leaves Gunther a path of breadcrumbs. Does it lead to something valuable or is it her last laugh?

Tuesday 10 February 2014
Episode 2045

Money gets stolen from Isabel’s wallet away and she suspects she knows who the thief is. Stef wonders about Marius and Vicky’s relationship but Fritz stops him. Carina feels her life is empty. Anthony refuses to accept that Maryke is fake. Gunther goes to Isabel with an interesting offer but she chases him away.

Wednesday 11 February 2015
Episode 2046  

Louw is still sick and Marius sleeps in the loft to help Vicky, which distresses Stef. Nico makes sure Sonja stays on his side, while Isabel apologises to Maryke for the misunderstanding with the money. Eben discovers something that makes him suspicious of Nico and Gunther does more snooping in the Villa’s basement.

Thursday 12 February 2015
Episode 2047

Stef is in a dark place and makes shocking allegations – not only against Vicky and Marius, but especially against Fritz and Isabel. Anthony tries to negotiate a bargain for Maryke but comes up against Fritz. Nico and Gunter play cat and mouse with each other and Eben is caught in the middle.

Monday 16 February 2015
Episode 2048

Stef tries to apologize for his actions during the meeting but no-one has much sympathy for him. Maryke plays her game with great confidence and Anthony doesn’t worry about Isabel’s warnings. Sonja is upset with Nico and he has to work hard to win back her trust. Gunther and Marius argue about Isabel’s shares and sparks fly when Stef storms into Bakgat.

Tuesday 17 February 2015
Episode 2049

Isabel comes to Stef’s rescue and paints him a grim picture of his future if he decides to stay on his current path. Vicky and Marius have a serious discussion in light of what happened between them the previous day. Stef tries to turn his life around. Maryke has fun playing with everyone but how long until someone gets suspicious? Nico eventually succeeds.

Wednesday 18 February 2015
Episode 2050

Something disappears from the Villa and Eben decides that Nico is the thief. Stef lets Vicky know that he’s going to pull out all the stops to get her back. Carina cares about Sonja’s feelings for Nico. Maryke’s role of victim changes to vamp. Gunther wants to buy Isabel’s Villa shares but he realizes he’ll have to fight for them. Will Anthony see through Maryke on time?

Thursday 19 February 2015
Episode 2051  

Anthony is clay in Maryke’s hands while Isabel is frustrated that Fritz suddenly has doubts about whether he should buy her Villa shares. Gunther continues trying to get money to make Isabel an offer and Nico ensures that he remains in Sonja’s good books. Stef eventually finds evidence that Nico is a phony and chases him away from the Villa but then Nico makes a shocking revelation.

Monday 23 February 2015
Episode 2052  

Stef has information on Nico that he wants to share with Fritz but Nico is one step ahead of him. Maryke manipulates Anthony more and more and he still doesn’t know who and what she really is. Isabel’s announcement that she’s leaving the country takes everyone off guard. Fritz most of all.

Tuesday 24 February 2015
Episode 2053

Stef is frustrated that Nico continues to elude him and Fritz promises him that they’ll sort out the matter as soon as possible. Anthony and Maryke are cautiously optimistic that they can hire Isabel’s loft. Fritz  makes peace with Isabel and has good news for her. Carina is not so sure that Eben isn’t bothered about his father’s young girlfriend. Stef thinks Nico’s news is very funny.

Wednesday 25 February 2015
Episode 2054

Nico has Fritz and Sonja in his pocket. Nico takes Stef by surprise with an unexpected proposal. Carina tries to fathom how Eben really feels about AJ’s new romance, but it, or rather Eben, explodes in her face. Anthony and Isabel are at loggerheads about Maryke again – who cunningly continues playing. Gunther feels things are eventually turning in his favor when he makes an exciting discovery.

Thursday 26 February 2015
Episode 2055

Fritz gives Eben advice. Marius reaches out to Carina and she must fight her feelings for him. Anthony and Isabel make peace. Nico warns Sonja to a watch her tongue. Carina has information about AJ that she doesn’t want to share with Eben. Gunther gets an unpleasant surprise. And what is the connection between Maryke and Nico?

Villa Rosa is on kykNET Mondays to Thursdays at 18h00. An earlier season airs on kykNET & kie, also at 18h00.

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