Agricultural Research Council Bursaries 2016 – Postgraduate

Agricultural Research Council Bursaries 2016 – Postgraduate

The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) invites applications for postgraduate bursaries for Agricultural Animal Science Graduates (Masters, Doctoral & Post-doctoral)

The ARC is a Research and Development Institution of excellence in South Africa, which operates within the National System of Innovation. With its Professional Development Programme, the ARC intends to capacitate young and dynamic science graduates through exposure to research, development methodologies and research management in an agricultural research environment.

As a young and dynamic science graduate, you are invited to apply for a significant number of bursary opportunities within the ARC. If successful, you will be based for the duration of your studies at one of the ARC Institutes, depending on your discipline and mentor. You will work under mentorship on projects prescribed by the ARC, and will be registered for Masters, Doctoral or Post-doctoral studies. If applicable, you may be expected to attend some courses at the University concerned. This call is for studies that will commence from 2016.

Full Details and Requirements

To be considered for a bursary, you should:

  • Have a B Tech/BSc Honours, Masters or Doctorate in the discipline of Agricultural Economics and Capacity Development (Agricultural Economics; Statistics; Mathematical Statistics; Econometrics; Agricultural Extension; Socio-Economics)
  • Or Agro-processing (Biofuels and Renewable Energy; Food Technology; Post Harvest; Rubber/Latex research)
  • Or Animal Science [Sero-diagnosis of Bacterial Diseases; Food Safety; Reproductive Physiology; Animal Breeding and Genetics; Food (Meat and Milk) Science; Animal Nutrition; Rangeland or Pasture Science; Bacteriology; Bioinformatics and Immunology; Molecular and Classical Virology; Classical Parasitology and Entomology]
  • OR Biotechnology (Statistical Genomics in Plants and Animals; Metagenomics; Proteomics and Metabolomics;
  • Bioinformatics; Genome Engineering and Novel Crop Development in Plants; Molecular Pathology in Plants and Animals)
  • OR Engineering (Agricultural Mechanisation; Irrigation Engineering; Farm Structures and Farm Infrastructure; Post-Harvest and Agro-processing)
  • OR Informatics (Bioinformatics; Molecular Modelling; Geoinformatics; Image Analysis; Mathematics; Statistics and Biometry; Epidemiology; Computer Sciences; Automation and Control Systems)
  • OR Natural Resource Management (GIS; Earth Observation; Soil and Water; Soil Surveying; Agrometeorology; Soil Microbiology; Soil Chemistry; Chemistry)
  • OR Plant Science (Agronomy/ Crop Science; Plant Physiology; Weed Science; Plant Breeding/Genetics; Horticulture; Post-Harvest; Plant Pathology and Biochemistry; Food Science; Viticulture; Entomology; Nematology; Biosystematics; Crop Protection- Bio-control, Integrated Pest and Disease Management; Plant Virology)
  • Have evidence of significant academic achievement in previous studies.
  • Be planning a long-term career in agricultural research; Be able to appreciate diversity and facilitate change;
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and good professional conduct;
  • Be proactively involved in your own career development;.
  • Be completely dedicated to the mentorship process; and
  • Be able to cope with pressure and to interact effectively in sensitive situations.
The Agricultural Research Council is an equal opportunity employer.

How to apply

Applications close on 27 September 2015. Click here to apply online

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