Days of Our Lives Teasers June 2015: Abby questions if Gabi really has a stalker

Days of Our Lives Teasers June 2015 – Coming up on Days of Our Lives Teasers June 2015:

EPISODE 11 839 – 251 / 01.06.2015

Roman brings the safe house “victims” loved ones to a secret location blindfolded and reveals that they are alive. Sami is upset that they put them through thinking they were dead and is clearly jealous of the close bond Marlena and Will share. Carrie and Rafe decide they want to be together but Carrie doesn’t tell Austin. Bo, Hope, John and Rafe come up with a plan to bring down Stefano and they decide to use Agent Harmon and feed him bad information.

EPISODE 11 840 – 252 / 02.06.2015

Will reveals to Sami that he was the one that shot E.J. not Lucas and working for E.J. began as blackmail. Will points out to Sami that he is his mother’s son using blackmail tactics. Billie arrives at the police station to find Bo and Hope and she informs them about the information she found on Stefano taking the money E.J. stole to buy arms. Hope suggests that Billie flat out tells E.J. what she knows in order to turn father and son against each other. Austin pleads with Roman to take him back to Carrie because he is worried about her spending time alone with Rafe. Rafe and Carrie stop things before they get to physical because she wants to tell Austin first. Abe and Lexie work on family scrapbooks. John vows to bring Stefano down one way or another.

EPISODE 11 841 – 253 / 03.06.2015

Bo, Hope and Shane work on their plan to bring Stefano down which involved Bo and Hope traveling to Italy to meet the man who made the coin. Later, Bo and Hope spend some quiet time alone after Shane leaves. Agent Harmon nearly catches Bo and Hope in the office. Roman brings Austin to the safe house to see Carrie. Carrie cannot bring herself to tell Austin that their marriage is over. Lexie decides to prepare videos for Theo to watch as he gets older. E.J. confronts Stefano with what Billie told him about Stefano helping John get out of prison.

EPISODE 11 842 – 254 / 04.06.2015

Maggie buys the day spa and asks Melanie to help run the day to day operations. Chad runs into Gabi who pretends to have seen someone following her when Melanie shows up she insists on calling the police. Sami confronts Lucas about taking the blame for Will shooting E.J. and she is upset when he tells her that he knew about the blackmail for a few months. Bo and Hope hide just before Agent Harmon enters the office and watches him rummage around drawers and pulls is gun as he opens the safe and removes the coin.

EPISODE 11 843 – 255 / 05.06.2015

Will comes out to his parents and Sami refuses to believe her son is gay. Will makes a jab that most mothers say they always knew but of course Sami wouldn’t since she is so selfish. Sami leaves the apartment and runs into E.J. and finds out E.J. suspected Will was gay for a while. Bo, Hope, John and Rafe meet with the arms dealer trying to make a deal in hopes that Stefano will show his face. Ian spikes Brady’s drink again and Brady ruins a business dinner with an important Mad World client.

EPISODE 11 844 – 256 / 08.06.2015

E.J. encourages Sami to return to the apartment to help Will through his time of need. When Sami arrives home she overhears Will telling Lucas that he confided in Marlena. Vladimir, the arms dealer, figures out who John, Hope, Bo and Rafe really are because a camera took pictures of them when they entered and uncovered their true identities. John explains to Vladimir that he wants to buy the arms to get back at Stefano for stealing the pension funds. Bo and Hope explain that with E.J. as mayor they will probably be losing their jobs anyway. Lexie gathers her loved ones and announces she is taking everyone to Paris. Abe, Cameron, Chad and E.J. all make an excuse to leave the Pub and later surprise Lexie with a Paris theme in the town square. Celeste warns Cameron to stay away from Abby.

EPISODE 11 845 – 257 / 09.06.2015

Bo poses as Vladimir and asks Stefano to come to a meeting location. Bo is able to get Stefano to confess to buying arms and Bo, Hope, John and Rafe all reveal themselves to be alive and arrest Stefano. Carrie talks to Marlena about her feelings for Rafe when she is over come with nausea. Marlena suggests to Carrie that she may be pregnant. Lexie enjoys her Paris in the square with friends and family. Abby is suspicious of Gabi’s stalker accusations. Celeste continues to warn Cameron away from Abby. Lucas encourages Sami to try and mend fences with Will. Maggie surprised Victor with a birthday dinner. Later, Maggie overhears Victor telling Henderson that Maggie must never find something out.

EPISODE 11 846 – 258 / 10.06.2015

Victor comes up with an excuse that Maggie doesn’t buy and she leaves the mansion. Victor tracks her down at the Pub and admits to her that he was the one who arranged for Lillian to receive Maggie’s eggs. Lexie begs E.J. to help Stefano get out of prison. Austin excitedly plans for his future with Carrie. CIA Agent Neuman arrives and demands Stefano’s release.

EPISODE 11 847 – 259 / 11.06.2015

The CIA agent announces that Stefano was working with them to bring down arms dealers in return for immunity for his recent crimes. As everyone argues in the police station, Lexie becomes overwhelmed and passes out. Carrie still cannot bring herself to tell Austin that she loves Rafe. Carrie still feels sick and buys a pregnancy test that comes back positive. Sami admits to Lucas that she ran into E.J. again. Lucas tells Sami that he saw them together in the town square and is glad that Sami didn’t try to hide the truth.

EPISODE 11 848 – 260 / 12.06.2015

Abe takes Lexie home where Daniel does a check-up on her. Lexie realizes that she only has a few weeks to live but tells Daniel not to tell Abe. Shane finds information about the tunnels that Andre held Lexie in. Abe vows to make Stefano pay for bringing Andre to Salem. Austin finds the pregnancy test and cannot help but share the news with Rafe and Nicole when they arrive at the Pub.

EPISODE 11 849 – 1 / 15.06.2015

Chad asks Melanie to come to the DiMera mansion with him but she refuses. After talking to Will, Melanie changes her mind and surprises Chad at the mansion. Lexie arranges for a photographer to take family portraits. Hope and Bo celebrate their anniversary. Bo reminds Hope of Alice’s bank account statements. Will questions Gabi about her stalker. Marlena catches John buying a gun and convinces him to get rid of it. Various Salem residents vow to keep their families safe from Stefano.

EPISODE 11 850 – 2 / 16.06.2015

Marlena and John visit Lexie and Abe and recreate a trip they took to New York. Lexie tries to make her goodbyes without letting on that she doesn’t have much time left. Sami receives advice from Kate. Will ends up revealing to E.J. that Stefano made him make sure that Rafe found out about E.J. and Sami sleeping together. Carrie and Austin drop by to see Daniel and get a pregnancy test done. Rafe and Nicole end up at Daniel’s office for Nicole’s appointment as well. Carrie hopes that she isn’t pregnant because it would complicate her having feelings for Rafe even more. Daniel reveals that Carrie is indeed pregnant.

EPISODE 11 851 – 3 / 17.06.2015

Bo and Hope visit Lexie and Abe. Lexie apologizes for what her father has done to their family and asks them to look after Abe and make sure he goes on after she is gone. E.J. is livid when Will fills him in on all the details about making sure that Rafe knew about Sami and him. Turns out Will had seen Rafe enter the Brady Pub when he was talking to Sonny and made sure that Rafe over heard him telling Sonny about seeing Sami and E.J. having sex. E.J. confronts his father about ruining his chance for true love with Nicole. Stefano points out that if he truly loved Nicole he wouldn’t keep sleeping with Sami. Rafe and Carrie share a moment and he tells her that he can’t be responsible for breaking up a family. Nicole helps Austin pick out a gift for Carrie. Abby overhears Cameron talking on the phone to someone named Sarah.

EPISODE 11 852 – 4 / 18.06.2015

Lexie attempts to convince E.J. to resign as Mayor and encourage Abe as his replacement. As much as E.J. loves Lexie, he cannot give in to her wish. E.J. admits to Lexie that he is not Stefano’s biological son and Stefano has basically disowned him. Sami finds Will at the DiMera mansion and they are able to start mending fences. Jack and Jennifer celebrate their anniversary and new engagement with Abby. Cameron runs into them at the town square and Jack and Jennifer are surprised when he tells them he is Lexie’s brother. Later, Jack gets information from a source that E.J. wants to run for governor but do it secretly.

EPISODE 11 853 – 5 / 19.06.2015

Lexie overhears Abe and Stefano discussing that Andre’s holding Lexie in the tunnel could have caused her brain tumor. Sami is shocked when Will admits that he made sure Rafe found out about her and E.J. Nicole and Rafe arrive for the paternity test when E.J. shows up and vows that once the test proves that he is the father he will sue for sole custody. Nicole attempts to get into Daniel’s office to change the results. E.J. fires Will and demands the keys to the car and apartment back.

EPISODE 11 854 – 6 / 22.06.2015

Roman warns Bo, Hope and John about taking matters into their own hands regarding Stefano. Marlena finds Will out in the rain by the Pub. E.J. tells Lucas that he fired Will. Daniel finds Nicole in his office attempting to change the paternity test results. Nicole tries to plead her case and Daniel ends up kissing her. Abby questions if Gabi really has a stalker. Gabi hires someone to attack her telling him that it will get her publicity to return to modeling. Gabi calls Chad who rushes to her aide. Lucas runs into Will and finds him with a gun. E.J. confronts Stefano with a gun.

EPISODE 11 855 – 7 / 23.06.2015

Lucas takes the gun he finds Will with and puts it into the Brady Pub safe after he tells Sami about what happened they return and find that the gun is gone. Kate gets the divorce papers from Stefano that says that he is enacting a non-compete clause so Kate won’t be able to work for MadWorld. E.J. confronts Stefano and shoots rounds off into the wall. Abe is the next to confront Stefano. Later Will, Hope, Bo, John, Kate, and Marlena all take their turn at Stefano. Stefano is able to talk all of them to their senses or so he thinks. Someone returns as Stefano sits in his chair and shoots him.

EPISODE 11 856 – 8 / 24.06.2015

The residents of Salem begin to hear the news that Stefano has been shot and killed. Roman is investigating the case and tells Bo and Hope that they are suspects and not allowed to work the case. The gun used to shoot Stefano is left at the scene and Bo and Hope say they have never seen it. The gun ends up coming back registered to Abe but there are several sets of fingerprints on the gun. Turns out that each person that confronted, Stefano returned to the house and ended up touching the gun. Lexie is devastated when she hears the news even though Abe tries to keep it from her.

EPISODE 11 857 – 9 / 25.06.2015

Roman begins to question various suspects in Stefano’s death. Since it is a high profile case, an officer shadows Roman to each suspects questioning. Abe admits that he did see Stefano and threatened him but decided he couldn’t kill him and left the gun at the mansion so he wouldn’t be tempted. Lexie believes Abe and later tells him that she doesn’t want to know who might have killed Stefano if it ends up being someone they know. Roman then questions Kate who doesn’t tell the entire truth. Sami runs into E.J. and she can’t help but think about herself and her position at Countess W.

EPISODE 11 858 – 10 / 26.06.2015

Roman asks Bo, Hope, John and Marlena to take a gunshot residue test and tells them he isn’t happy that they all didn’t tell the entire truth about returning to the mansion. Sonny isn’t happy when he finds out Will used him to follow Stefano’s order to tell Rafe about Sami and E.J. and Sonny isn’t thrilled when Will attempts to use him again to test Sami. Roman shows up at the coffee shop to question Will and Sami blurts out that Lucas found Will with a gun. The paternity test results come back on Nicole’s baby showing that Rafe is the father. Daniel tells Nicole and Rafe that he couldn’t allow another child’s life to be ruined by the DiMera’s.

EPISODE 11 859 – 11 / 29.06.2015

Roman asks Will what happened to the gun Lucas put in the safe at the Pub. Will says that he took it out and took it apart and dumped pieces all around town. Roman has Will take a gunshot residue test and it comes back positive. Roman is forced to arrest his grandson. Gabi has Andrew put a dead rat in her salad that opens in front of Chad and Melanie. Chad and Melanie insist on calling the police. Rafe overhears and demands that Gabi quit modeling. Austin is excited about planning for the baby with Carrie.

EPISODE 11 860 – 12 / 30.06.2015

Will is arrested for killing Stefano. Lucas and Sami worry that the blackmailing will come to light and make Will look even guiltier. Jennifer and Jack visit Lexie. Kayla tells Abe that he can talk to her if he needs to.

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