DUT Registration 2020 – How to register at Durban University of Technology

Last updated on December 14th, 2019 at 03:56 pm

DUT Registration 2020 – How to register at Durban University of Technology

Durban University of Technology (DUT) invites prospective students who applied to study for 2020 academic year to register online or at DUT campuses namely, ML Sultan Campus, Steve Biko Campus, Brickfield Campus, Ritson Campus, City Campus, Riverside Campus and Indumiso Campus.

Registration opening date is 14th January 2019
Registration closing date is 1st February 2019

For more information go to: https://www.dut.ac.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Durban-First-Time-New-Students.pdf

How to register?

If youve applied to study a and have been accepted admission, click here to register online.


Online Registration

Steps to follow before you can register (This information is for those first-time registering undergraduate students who have been accepted into a programme of study at DUT)

Undergraduate Students

    1. You must have:
      • Made an application through the CAO and paid the application fee
      • Been accepted into the academic programme you have applied for
      • Met the DUT’s minimum admission requirements (view requirements)
      • Filled in the Indemnity Form Download – if you are under age (younger than 18 years of age) this form must be filled in and signed by your parent/guardian.
      • Filled in the Surety Form Download – which must be completed by the individual responsible for the payment of all your fees, in compliance with the National Credit Act. The signature of the surety must be verified and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths.
    2. Documents to be produced:
      • Original Senior Certificate or Statement of Results
      • Original I.D. document
      • If you are coming from another university – you must produce an original academic record / diploma / degree and certificate of conduct. If you require exemption of credits you must obtain an Application for Exemption form from the relevant Faculty Office
      • Indemnity and Surety Form Download Indemnity Form / Download Suretyship Form
      • Study Permit (international students)
      • Passport (international students)
      • SAQA Evaluation (where relevant)
    3. Finance Matters
      • Surety Form
        The Surety Form must be signed by the parent / guardian in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths. If you do not have a Commissioner of Oaths certification of the surety signature, you must be accompanied by the surety / parent / guardian (and their identity document) to the registration venue where the surety section must be signed in the presence of our Commissioner of Oaths.
        The following categories of students will be exempt from surety compliance but will still need to complete the surety form (except for the surety signature) and proceed to Finance Admin checking stage for surety clearance :

        • Sponsored Students: Students must produce their sponsor letter to Finance for approval/verification.
        • Employed Students: Students must produce Proof of Employment, eg. recent payslip, staff card, letter from employer etc. to Finance Admin Checking.
        • Staff and/or Staff Dependants: Staff / staff dependants are to produce the completed and approved staff remission form to Finance, together with the surety form.
        • NSFAS/Bursary Students: Those students who qualify for 100% NSFAS loans / bursaries will produce the relevant letter from Financial Aid to Finance. Those students who do not qualify for 100% NSFAS loans / bursaries, will have to complete the surety form and submit to Finance, together with a letter from Financial Aid which indicates that the student does not qualify for 100% NSFAS loan / bursary.
        • Edu-loan: Students who qualify for Edu-loan are to produce their Edu-loan approval slips to Finance.

Please note:
1. NSFAS students are required to pay their family contributions, if any, on registration as their first instalment. If the family contribution exceeds the above-mentioned amounts, the difference must be paid according to the Durban University of Technologies’ fee instalment plan.
2. In the event of the fees costing less than the first instalment requested by the University, the lesser amount will be payable on registration.

  1. Registration Dates:
    • Register on the day and in the venue advertised on the registration timetable.
      N.B. If you do not do this your place in the programme may be lost.
    • Bring your own pen to registration

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