How to pass matric physical science

How to pass matric physical science. Study tips guideline for Physical Science courtesy of the KZN Science Centre! Here are 5 steps on how to pass matric physical science, exams.

Step 1: Physical Science consists of 2 parts/components: concepts and equations.

Understanding the concepts of each topic underlies the ability to calculate equations. Without the knowledge of theory and concepts, one may find difficulty in calculating equations.

Theory is often tested in the form of multiple choice questions at the beginning of the paper or as short sub-questions in each section. Each mark in an examination counts! Do not lose out by skipping on theoretical knowledge.

Step 2: Learn your formulas!

Make sure you understand each component of the equation. Even though a formula sheet is provided, referring to it may be time consuming or confusing. By learning the formulas for each section and related formulas, you may save some time while solving the question.

Step 3: Learn different solution methods.

Some questions may have different ways of solving the problem. Be sure to use the method you are most comfortable with, but make sure you are aware of the alternatives as the question could ask for a specific method. This may also be useful for double checking your answer.

Step 4: Be aware of unit conversions.

Unit conversion is important as it may affect the entire answer. Make sure all units are correct and uniform. Example: convert “KM” to “M” when required. Always remember to state magnitude and direction when working with vectors.

Step 5: Brush up on maths!

Make sure you are familiar with simultaneous equations and calculus as these may be required when providing solutions. Knowledge of geometry will also be helpful in questions involving angles (example: questions based on Forces)

And as always the below is applicable for all exams…

a. Refer to study notes

b. Revise and review past papers

c. Consult additional texts

d. Prepare a study timetable

e. Eat healthy meals

f. Engage in light exercise

g. Get sufficient sleep.

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