MANCOSA: Bursaries 2018 in South Africa

Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) invites qualifying students  to apply for Bursary Programme for 2018 academic year

Bursary online application deadline is 31 January 2018

Bursary Provider: Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA)

Bursary Location: South Africa

MANCOSA recognises the changing needs of dynamic economies and is committed to skills and training development in Southern Africa. Education is the proven means of progression. MANCOSA through this bursary fund, seeks to equip talented and deserving individuals by awarding bursaries in the following areas:
Undergraduate Programmes
• Higher Certificate in Accounting
• Higher Certificate in Business Management
• Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management
• Higher Certificate in Information Technology
• Higher Certificate in Local Government and Development Management
• Higher Certificate in Marketing Higher Certificate in Project Management
• Higher Certificate in Project Management
• Higher Certificate in Public Sector Procurement
• Higher Certificate in Public Management
• Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management
• Higher Certificate in Tax Administration
• Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning
• Advanced Certificate in Management Studies
• Bachelor of Business Administration
• Bachelor of Public Administration
• Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship
• Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management
• Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management
• Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management
• Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management
• Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management
• Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management
Postgraduate Programmes
• Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Human Resource Management
• Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Marketing Management
• Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Supply Chain Management
• Bachelor of Business Administration Honours
• Bachelor of Public Administration Honours
• Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management
• Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management
• Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Public Administration
Postgraduate Certificate
• Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Further Education and Training Teaching
Who should complete this form?
MANCOSA will use this form to select candidates for the 2018 MANCOSA Bursary Fund
and shortlist. Since applicants will not be interviewed, this form must to be completed
legibly and accurately. This will help to process the application accurately.
This document is not in any way an agreement or commitment. The selection of beneficiaries
is dependent on academic results obtained and the outcome of the selection process.
Contact Person:
Sumayh Noorgat – Tel: +27 31 300 7200 / Email: [email protected]
All MANCOSA bursaries are offered for distance learning programmes, and are offered according to the MANCOSA Bursary Policy. MANCOSA bursaries are only available to students applying for the first time.
The MANCOSA Bursary Fund is subject to the following conditions:
• Only students accepted and registered to study at MANCOSA may apply for a bursary;
• The student is required to pay the necessary registration fee and submit proof of
payment together with the application form;
• The student agrees to complete the MANCOSA undergraduate/postgraduate
• The bursary will cover 100% student fees for the January 2018 academic year,
excluding to the registration fee;
• The bursary excludes textbook costs, which is the responsibility of the bursary
• The student must pass all modules for the 2018 academic year for the renewal
of the bursary to be considered;
• Should the student fail more than one module per year, he/she will be liable to pay
back the fees for the entire years study; and this will result in the cancellation of the
student’s bursary.
Criteria to qualify for a bursary:
• Achieve a level 4 in both Mathematics and English.
• Achieve an overall aggregate of 60% in Matric.
• Achieve a 65% aggregate in a previous qualification to qualify for a Degree
Programme Bursary.
• Achieve 65% aggregate in a previous qualification to qualify for a Postgraduate/
Honours Programme.
All applications must reach MANCOSA Bursar’s office by 31 January 2018
**Note: No late applications will be considered.
**Note: All applications need to be submitted electronically. No hard copies will be accepted.
**Note: Applying for a bursary does not guarantee the awarding of a bursary.
Applicable Procedure:
The MANCOSA Bursary Fund will open on 1 January 2018, and will close on
31 January 2018. Application forms will be available online at
Your application form should be accompanied by the following documents:
• A certified copy of your National Senior Certificate
• A detailed CV
• A completed Bursary Application Form
• A one page motivational letter
• A certified copy of all past qualifications

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