SABC1 Skeem Saam Teasers January 2016

SABC1 Skeem Saam Teasers January 2016: Here is whats coming up on Skeem Saam this January:

Friday 01stJanuary 2016
Episode 125

New Year’s Day

MaNtuli makes a disturbing discovery about her youngest daughter. Post-party blues find Sonti and Mapitsi pitted against each other for the attention of a boy and dangerous revelations hang in the air.

Monday 04th January 2016
Episode 126

Kat and his family face a painful separation from someone they love. Emkay’s world is falling to pieces around him, but there is a small spark of hope.There is a surprise in store for Tbose.

Tuesday 05th January 2016
Episode 127

Leeto and Mangaliso receive news that turns their world upside down. Tbose and Mapitsi grow close. Ma Kunutu returns from Mafefe to a changed Rachel.

Wednesday 06th January 2016
Episode 128

Rachel drops a bombshell that could destroy everything for Ma Kunutu. Things take a serious turn between MaNtuli and Wallet. Leeto lands himself in a dangerous predicament.

Thursday 07thJanuary 2016
Episode 129

Mapitsi agonises over an important decision. Leeto and Mangaliso have a surprise visit from an old friend. Rachel makes a series of startling decisions.

Friday 08thJanuary 2016
Episode 130

Rachel’s choices lead to a horrific incident at the Kunutu house.A mysterious man arrives in South Africa and Leeto’s life will never be the same. A sobering discovery pushes Mapitsi to make some hard decisions about her future.

Monday 11thJanuary2016
Episode 131

There is panic in the Kunutu house, over a possible murder. The battle of wills continues between Meikie and Mokgadi over wedding plans. Leeto fears for his life when an old friend makes contact.

Tuesday 12thJanuary 2016
Episode 132

A jumpy Leeto behaves strangely when a package is delivered at the Maputla door. Alfred makes a difficult decision about his future. Rachel experiences grief once again.

Wednesday 13thJanuary 2016
Episode 133

Someone is double dealing, and Leeto’s life is at stake. Rachel finds courage to begin afresh, but is it too late? Charles and Ma Kunutu come to terms with their grief. News of Leeto’s decision reaches Darika.

Thursday 14thJanuary2016
Episode 134

A deal ison the table that could seal Leeto’s fate.Molahlegi is on the verge of making new enemies in Turfloop. MaNtuli’s attempts, to be the best she can be at work, yield unexpected results.

Friday 15thJanuary2016
Episode 135

Mary Matloga is expected today and Meikie is keen to make a great impression – but something strange is going on with John.Rachel convinces a Kunutu Elder to fight her corner, but things take an unexpected turn. MaNtuli takes a risk that could elevate her position at work or burn bridges.

Monday 18th January2016

Mary Matloga’s arrival divides the Maputla household. Rachel witnesses something heartbreaking. MaNtuli’s efforts at kindness at work keep leading her down unforeseen paths.

Tuesday 19thJanuary2016
Episode 137

Leeto goes about his wedding plans, not aware that danger stalks his every move. Meikie confronts John about his past relationship with Mary.It is a day of reckoning for Rachel.

Wednesday 20thJanuary2016
Episode 138

There is a great shock in store for someone at Turfloop Hospital. Rachel begins a process of purging her past. Elizabeth takes a great risk for a blossoming relationship.

Thursday 21stJanuary 2016
Episode 139

A real power-struggle ensues between Mary Matloga and Meikie. The Seakamelas are dealing with a devastating blow. Mapitsi comes face to face with someone she wronged in the past.

Friday 22ndJanuary 2016
Episode 140

With weeks to go before the wedding, Darika puts a price on Leeto’s head and a terrible tragedy is about to hit the community of Turfloop. Sifiso makes a shocking discovery at Turfloop Hospital. The class of 2015 prepares for their new life away from high school.


Monday 25th January 2016
Episode 141

Principal Thobakgale is angered by Elizabeth’s disappearing stunt.Wallet is disturbed by how people in Turfloop now perceive him. Someone celebrates the aftermath of a shooting.

Tuesday 26thJanuary 2016

A search for Elizabeth leads to a shocking revelation by a doctor in Gauteng. MaNtuli meets with a powerful ally, who promises help with an unjust situation.Granny goes all out to help people she cares about find peace.

Wednesday 27thJanuary 2016
Episode 143

Devastating news of the shooting reaches the Maputla household. MaNtuli nervously prepares for a meeting with her adversary, but her adversary is also preparing for her. A worried Principal Thobakgale receives a phone call that turns her world upside down.

Thursday 28thJanuary 2016
Episode 144

A helicopter arrives in Turfloop, bearing one of the victims of the shooting. News of the shooting sends shockwaves through Turfloop. There’s more shattering news for Principal Thobakgale.

Friday 29thJanuary 2016
Episode 145

As one person’s life hangs in the balance, Wallet, Mapitsi and Sonti seem to have found a new lease on life. MaNtuli comes face to face with her adversary. A warning from Darika lands right in the heart of someone in the Maputla household.

Skeem Saam is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

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