SABC3 Isidingo Teasers December 2015

SABC3 Isidingo Teasers December 2015: Here is whats coming up on Isidingo this December:

Episode: 4304 (Tuesday 1 December 2015)
World Aids Day

The Zondiles reach a crossroads in their marriage that could change their future forever. Nikiwe finds much needed escape from her emotional turmoil in the most unexpected of places. After coaxing Jean-Marc to do an interview with her, Sam springs a surprise.

Episode: 4305 (Wednesday 2 December 2015)

Barker plays Zukisa like a flute but Nina isn’t impressed. Sizwe has a hard time giving up his morals to keep his marriage intact. Angelique and Jean-Marc trend online over their indecency charge.

Episode: 4306 (Thursday 3 December 2015)

Nina and Barker’s plans for the church accounts take a serious blow. S’khu wants to discuss the ‘almost kiss’ with Nikiwe, but she shuts him down. Angelique and Jean-Marc have their first fight as a couple.

Episode: 4307 (Friday 4 December 2015)
Nina makes a demand that Barker cannot refuse. Nikiwe is almost capsized by Samantha’s actions. Jean-Marc receives good advice from an unlikely source.

Episode: 4308 ( Monday 7 December 2015)

Nina warns Katlego to keep an eye on her husband. Not everyone’s happy with Nikiwe’s decision to take some time out. Lerato and Sechaba are at odds on how to spend their festive savings.

Episode: 4309 (Tuesday 8 December 2015)

Nina’s out to stir trouble as she pops into the penthouse and the SG offices. Angelique is a nag when she pesters Nikiwe about her and S’khumbuzo. Lerato gets Sechaba’s attention as only she can.

Episode: 4310 (Wednesday 9 December 2015)

The lady (Katlego) is out to expose the tramp (Nina), but Nina may have an ace up her sleeve. Nikiwe tries to put out fires caused by news of her sabbatical. Lerato wins the battle for the Christmas budget, but the pressure is on to get the returns.

Episode: 4311 (Thursday 10 December 2015)

Katlego feels threatened when Nina gets Lincoln to join her on a pub crawl. Angelique goes all out with her plan to get Skhu and Nikiwe together. Sechaba has Lerato nervously waiting to see if today’s the day he proposes.

Episode: 4312 (Friday 11 December 2015)

Nina is not afraid to rub people the wrong way and this time, it works for her. Nikiwe and S’khumbuzo’s hookup complicates as they struggle in vain to contain it. Lerato finds inspiration in her holiday plan.

Episode: 4313 (Monday 14 December 2015)

Lincoln and Katlego begin to see Nina in the same light. Nikiwe and S’khu continue their courtship. Angelique has to consider working with Jean-Marc at the hospital.

Episode: 4314 (Tuesday 15 December 2015)

Katlego is forced to grin and bare another of Lincoln’s calculated moves. Nikiwe learns that she is still very confused due to unresolved feelings. Jean-Marc learns the hard way that Angelique doesn’t play where she eats.

Episode: 4315 (Wednesday 16 December 2015)
Day of Reconciliation

The Haines International launch bubbles over with intrigue and subterfuge. When Lincoln finds out S’khu spent the night with Nikiwe, she is overcome with anxiety. Jean-Marc and Angie entertain the idea of living together.

Episode: 4316 (Thursday 17 December 2015)

Katlego’s hard exterior starts to show some cracks, as Nina swoops in for Lincoln. Nikiwe decides to get tough on Samantha and S’khu gets caught in the crossfire. Angelique compromises her taste to accommodate her new house mate.

Episode: 4317 (Friday 18 December 2015)

Lincoln tries to recruit Nina to spy on Barker. All Nikiwe’s attempts to turn her life around look as if they’re about to fail. Angelique and Jean-Marc manage to find some domestic harmony, but can they stay friends in the work place?

Episode: 4318 (Monday 21 December 2015)

Nina dangles the fruit of temptation on the tip of Lincoln’s tongue. Sechaba makes an observation about Lerato that costs him dearly. Angelique’s Christmas plans get a nasty shock.

Episode: 4319 (Tuesday 22 December 2015)

Nikiwe invites S’khu to Christmas lunch at the penthouse. Lerato and Sechaba’s relationship takes strain as they both make their own separate plans for Christmas Day. Jean-Marc is in a predicament after he promises Angie the perfect Christmas.

Episode: 4320 (Wednesday 23 December 2015)

S’khu confronts Nina but is told to go to hell. Lerato tells Sechaba outright she won’t be part of family tradition. Jean-Marc and Angie get an offer they simply have to refuse.

Episode: 4321 (Thursday 24 December 2015)
Christmas Eve

Katlego and Nina fire off threatening warnings to each other, but who will buckle first? Can Sechaba and Lerato get over their bickering to enjoy Christmas Eve together? Angelique and Jean-Marc’s holiday getaway plans are disrupted.

Episode: 4322 (Friday 25 December 2015)
Christmas Day

The presence of Nina in their lives threatens to ruin Christmas for Lincoln and Katlego. Lerato’s frustration with Sechaba’s behaviour grows and it’s going to take a miracle for him to turn it around. Angelique and Jean-Marc find a happy alternative to their ruined Christmas plans.

Episode: 4323 (Monday 28 December 2015)

Santa Claus hasn’t been that kind to Nina and she rethinks the decisions she has made in life. Lerato has finally got what she wanted. Lincoln’s behaviour leads to Nikiwe losing that which she values most.

Episode: 4324 (Tuesday 29 December 2015)

Nikiwe and S’khu fight fire with fire. Sechaba struggles to keep a major secret from Lerato. Angelique experiences a rude realisation about the lover she thinks she knows.

Episode: 4325 (Wednesday 30 December 2015)

Brad makes the decision to step into Barker’s world and learn the family business. Sechaba tries to assert his authority with Lerato at home but his plan backfires. Angie searches for Jean-Marc and discovers she doesn’t really know the man she’s sleeping with.

Episode: 4326 (Thursday 31 December 2015)
New Year’s Eve

With the clock ticking towards a New Year, will Nikiwe open her heart to S’khu before it’s too late? Lerato worries that Sechaba spent too much on her engagement ring. Angelique’s concern that Jean-Marc is still missing, boils over at the New Year’s Eve party.

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