Binnelanders Teasers March 2015

Binnelanders Teasers – March 2015: Coming up on Binnelanders this March 2015: Monday 2 March 2015 Episode 1021/2153 Pippa’s hormones get the better of her and Cherilee meets Breggie. Ivanka has reason to feel a whole lot lighter and Jana sees a bright future for Nick. Cherilee identifies a new […]

Binnelanders Teasers – November 2014

Binnelanders Teasers – November 2014 – Coming up on Binnelanders ( kykNET, M-Net Terrestrial and kykNET & Kie) this November, 2014: Monday 3 November 2014 Episode 936/2069 It is Pippa’s first day back at work and somewhere else a nurse and a plumber butt heads. At takes his emotions out […]

Binnelanders Teasers – October 2014

Binnelanders Teasers Episodes – October 2014 – Coming up on Binnelanders (M-Net Terrestrial and kykNET & Kie) this October 2014: Wednesday 1 October 2014 Episode 913/2046 Rian and Pippa receive news from Peet about the baby, while Pippa makes a decision that she clearly hasn’t discussed with her husband. Quiton […]