SABC3 Days of Our Lives Teasers for October 2015

SABC3 Days of Our Lives Teasers for October 2015 – Here is whats coming up on SABC3 Days of Our Lives this October:

Thursday 01 October 2015
Episode 11 923 – 76

Nicole photo shop’s a picture of her and a picture of Rafe together in bed and plants it so Sami will see it on her phone. Melanie runs into Nick and the two talk. Melanie realizes that Nick has changed. Melanie arrives for her dress fitting at Daniel’s apartment. Chad worries when he cannot get a hold of Melanie and finds Nick with Melanie’s scarf and attacks him. Sonny is furious with his mother when he finds out that Will overheard Adrienne say negative things about him.

Friday 02 October 2015
Episode 11 924 – 77

Nicole’s picture photo shopping idea nearly back fires when Sami notices the time stamp is today’s date. Gabi comes across Chad beating up Nick and pulls him off. Gabi insists Nick get treatment and brings him to Kayla. Later, Gabi arrives at Daniel’s apartment where Chad and Melanie both are and tells Melanie about Chad beating up Nick and is on the verge of telling Melanie the entire truth. Kate warns E.J. about Sami. Will and Sonny share their first kiss.

Monday 05 October 2015
Episode 11 925 – 78

Gabi reveals the whole truth about Andrew to Melanie. Melanie demands Gabi leave then lays into Chad about keeping this from her. Melanie realizes Chad was trying to cut Gabi out of her life instead of telling her and Melanie ends up calling off the wedding. Jennifer prints the paternity test results and Daniel catches her but Jennifer tries to cover. Sami and Rafe go on a date to the pub where Sami tells Rafe she will support him with Nicole’s baby.

Tuesday 06 October 2015
Episode 11 926 – 79

Gabi confesses to Rafe about hiring Andrew to be her stalker and knowing about Andrew kidnapping Melanie. Daniel warns Chad to stay away from Melanie while she figures things out. Chad doesn’t listen and goes to see Melanie, who informs Chad that she is going to see her mother in Europe. Caroline confesses to Bo that it would be a relief if at least one of her sons was off the force. E.J. continues his plan to bring down Rafe when Sami tells him that they had a dinner date.

Wednesday 07 October 2015
Episode 11 927 – 80

Rafe blows Sami off while he is dealing with Gabi’s possible legal troubles. Melanie tells Chad that she is going to visit her mother alone and she is not sure when she will return. Chad seeks E.J.’s help in getting back at Gabi for whom he considers to have ruined things with Melanie for him. Brady apologizes to Marlena for things he said and did in the past to her and John. Adrienne apologizes to Will for saying negative things about him.

Thursday 08 October 2015
Episode 11 928 – 81

Melanie says her goodbyes to Maggie, Daniel and Brady. Melanie asks Maggie to return her engagement ring to Chad. E.J. uses the situation with Gabi to his advantage and blackmails Rafe to stay away from Sami. Chad wanted E.J. to stop Melanie from leaving but when E.J. arrives at Daniel’s he is informed Melanie has already left. Lucas tells Adrienne that he thinks she was right about Will and Sonny. Lucas admits he saw the two kissing and Adrienne calls him out about not wanting to see his son kiss another guy.

Friday 09 October 2015
Episode 11 929 – 82

Sami is devastated when Rafe tells her that things won’t work out. Nicole rushes to comfort Daniel after finding out Melanie has left town. Abigail tells Jennifer about Nicole’s comment about Jennifer. Bo forgets about Ciara’s poetry reading at school which furthers his thoughts about quitting the force. Roman notices Caroline forgetting things.

Monday 12 October 2015
Episode 11 930 – 83

E.J. positions himself to be the person Sami leans on after getting rejected by Rafe. Chad shows up at E.J.’s demanding to know if E.J. found Melanie. Chad tells E.J. he will go to the police so Gabi will be arrested but E.J. stops him because it would ruin his blackmail plan. Daniel stops Jennifer from calling DNA labs and the two get into it. Later, Jennifer and Nicole run into each other in the town square and proceed to have a public shouting match. Chad confronts Gabi when she is alone at the pub.

Tuesday 13 October 2015
EPISODE 11 931 – 84

Chad shows up at the Pub while Gabi is alone and threatens her until Nick returns. Jennifer and Nicole continue their fight in the town square until Brady shows up. Brady brings Jennifer home who finds a bottle of Nicole’s prenatal vitamins. Later, Daniel tells Brady that he will stand by Nicole no matter what. Billie and Bo discuss the possibility that Bo may leave the force. Caroline continues to have memory issues.

Wednesday 14 October 2015
Episode 11 932 – 85

Sami figures out what E.J. is up to and confirms it after talking to Chad. Gabi tells Rafe about the depositions that Nick and Chad signed exonerating her of being involved with Melanie’s kidnapping. E.J. talks to a lawyer who tells him that the depositions are solid. Chad confronts E.J. about using his situation with Melanie to his advantage. Sami and Rafe search for each other. Maggie visits Jennifer and tells her that Daniel is hurt by Jennifer not thinking very highly of him because of Nicole. Nicole comes up with a half-baked scheme to get Daniel to adopt her baby by showing him a law that basically strips a father’s rights if another man has adopted the baby but it requires them to move to Utah. Daniel shoots down the idea. Nicole has a doctor’s appointment and the doctor cannot find the baby’s heartbeat.

Thursday 15 October 2015
Episode 11 933 – 86

Nicole is left devastated when the doctor informs her that her son has died. Later, Nicole gets another blow when she sees Jennifer and Daniel together. Sami confronts E.J. about his lies. When Sami is alone with Rafe she asks for the truth about the father of Nicole’s baby. Bo finds out from Hope that Roman has to lay off some officers and hands in his resignation.

Friday 16 October 2015
Episode 11 934 – 87

Sami tells Rafe that she will help him and Nicole keep Nicole’s baby from E.J., if E.J. is the biological father. Stefano calls E.J. and realizes that he is upset but E.J. refuses to confide in Stefano. Due to a power outage and computers being down, no one knows that Nicole’s baby died and Nicole takes her patient file and tells no one what happened. Victor invites Sonny and Will over to the house. Lucas apologizes to Sonny and Will for how he reacted when he saw them kissing.

Monday 19 October 2015
Episode 11 935 – 88

Bo wants to travel around the world with Hope and Ciara but Hope admits that she isn’t keen on the idea. Sami continues to ask Rafe to admit that he is not the father of Nicole’s baby but he won’t budge. Gabi tells Bo that Caroline has been forgetting things and tells him about Caroline saying that “Maggie’s married her Shawn”. Jennifer rages to Billie about Nicole. Nicole continues to keep it a secret that her baby died.

Tuesday 20 October 2015
Episode 11 936 – 89

Nicole and Jennifer continue to trade barbs as Nicole tries to leave Jennifer’s house. Daniel tells Maggie that he is leaving the hospital and moving away. Later, Daniel tells Nicole it will take time to move to Utah and she insists they need to leave as soon as possible. Bo tells Hope about his concerns with his mother. When Bo goes to the pub, Caroline has closed the place down to deal with a deposit issue. Caroline then tells him about Lexie, telling her a story last week about Theo and Ciara. Bo tells Caroline that Lexie has been dead since June and tries to bring up his concerns about her memory issues she refuses to listen. When Caroline drops a tray of glasses in anger and Bo tries to help she keeps calling him Shawn. Kate seeks Nick out for a job at Mad World but he is concerned that Kate will get him in to trouble. Abby wants to know what happened between Chad and Melanie.

Wednesday 21 October 2015
Episode 11 937 – 90

Bo takes Caroline to see Kayla about her recent memory problems. Stefano meets with a mystery woman telling her all about Chad and E.J.’s troubles and asking her to come back to Salem to help mend the family. The mystery woman is revealed to be Kristen DiMera. Victor summons Daniel to the Kiriakis mansion under false pretenses and confronts him about leaving town with Nicole. Jennifer leaves a message for Daniel on his answering machine and Nicole hears it. Nicole heads to the town square where her and Jennifer get into it again and when Jennifer walks up the stairs and Nicole grabs her arm. Jennifer tries to get her arm free but Nicole still won’t let go when she finally does it send Nicole falling down the steps.

Thursday 22 October 2015
Episode 11 938 – 91

Nicole accuses Jennifer of pushing her down the steps an accusation that Billie and Brady cannot completely deny since all they saw was the two of them on the steps and then Nicole falling. Kayla begins to run tests on Caroline to determine if Caroline may have Alzheimer’s. Daniel rushes to the hospital where Nicole has given birth and everyone finds out the baby has died but thinks that it is from the fall. Kristen balks at returning to Salem to help Stefano mend fences with the family. Marlena and John run into Sami and Rafe on their date.

Friday 23 October 2015
Episode 11 939 – 92

Daniel is shocked when Nicole tells him that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs. Abby and Hope visit Jennifer who is being held on murder charges. Rafe’s date with Sami is interrupted when Daniel calls to tell him Nicole is at the hospital. After Rafe leaves, E.J. shows up drunk but after seeing the missed call on the caller id, he heads to the hospital thinking his child is being born. Once there he overhears Nicole and Rafe discussing the fact they don’t have to pretend Rafe is her baby’s father anymore. Kristen finally agrees to return to Salem to help Stefano mend the family. Sonny asks John to help him with a new speaker feature at the coffee house but John turns him down.

Monday 26 October 2015
Episode 11 940 – 93

E.J. makes a call to Justin to get someone to the hospital for a DNA test after overhearing Rafe and Nicole’s conversation. E.J. is crushed when a nurse tells him that the baby died after Nicole was pushed down the stairs. E.J. vows revenge on Jennifer. Caroline has to admit to Roman that she may have Alzheimer’s. Nick and Gabi meet up with Sonny and Will in the town square.

Tuesday 27 October 2015
Episode 11 941 – 94

E.J. ends up convincing Nicole to tell the truth about the father of her baby. Later, E.J. shows up at Rafe with Nicole’s taped confession. Bo and Kayla take turns monitoring Caroline who doesn’t like to be babysat. Victor arrives and hears Caroline calling for Shawn. John has a nightmare about Kristen.

Wednesday 28 October 2015
Episode 11 942 – 95

Victor and Caroline reminisce about the past and Victor offers his support to Bo. Maggie sees the computer screen and realizes that Caroline is having health issues. John has a nightmare about waking up next to Kristen. E.J. plays Nicole’s taped confession for Rafe and Sami. Sami is angry that Rafe did not trust her to tell her the truth and ends up even angrier when she finds out Carrie knew about Rafe not being the father. E.J. is at his office and opens the door to find Kristen who tries to get him to forgive Stefano.

Thursday 29 October 2015
Episode 11 943 – 96

Bo, Roman and Kayla gather to discuss possible treatment and care for Caroline and Bo insists they include Caroline in on their conversations. Jennifer is released from jail and runs into Daniel. Abby tries to convince Nicole that it was an accident. Kristen spies on Marlena and John in the town square and later tracks down Marlena in the park.

Tuesday 30 October 2015
Episode 11 944 – 97

Nicole is upset when Daniel doesn’t believe her. Jennifer tries to talk to Nicole about what happened but Nicole refuses to listen. Marlena is surprised when Kristen shows up in the park. Marlena refuses to believe that therapy helped Kristen and she is a different person. Once Kristen leaves Marlena tries to find her phone to warn John but cannot find it and assumes Kristen has stolen it. Kate barges into John’s office and later after John gets rid of her he gets another surprise visitor, Kristen. Tad appears to be trying to make amends for how he treated Sonny and Will in the past.

Days of Our Lives is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 17h00.

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