Scandal! Teasers January 2015

scandal1Scandal! Teasers January 2015 – Coming up on Scandal! (e,tv)  this January 2015:

Thursday 1 January 2015
Episode 2162

The men of Soweto have had enough and take drastic action against Obakeng. Lucas considers taking an unlikely path in order to achieve a long term goal. Ndumiso receives a New Year’s gift in the form of news from his family.

Friday 2 January 2015
Episode 2163   

Gloria puts measures in place to ensure her safety, but they cannot be effective when she invites danger in herself. Dintle senses an opportunity and prepares to stalk her prey but Thembeka puts her firmly in her place. Scelo realises that arrogance can get in the way of success.

Monday 5 January 2015
Episode 2164   

Two people almost die and one is going to lose his freedom for a long time.  Dintle has questions, the answers to which place her target firmly in her sights.  Scelo has one of the best days of his life by passing his learners.

Tuesday 6 January 2015
Episode 2165     

A missing item is returned, but it’s not good news for Lerumo.  Gontse makes a decision with the best intentions, but not everyone is happy about it. The Ngemas celebrate Scelo’s achievement and Mlungisi rewards him with a promise of a driving lesson.

Wednesday 7 January 2015
Episode 2166 

Lerumo discovers that something he had lost will create even bigger problems for him now that it’s been found.  Gloria learns that she is not the only strong willed woman in her neighbourhood.  Scelo has a day of being driven crazy at both work and at home.

Thursday 8 January 2015
Episode 2167 

Anzani begins to suspect she is a player in Dustbin Man’s game. Gloria is surprised by some reactions, and Maletsatsi is even more surprised by a request.  Scelo finds himself in a compromising position with a stranger.

Friday 9 January 2015
Episode 2168   

An explosion causes fear, but it’s nothing compared to the terror experienced by Anzani who receives an unexpected visitor.  Mangi is unaware that he is setting himself up for some attention from an unknown quarter.  Scelo finds himself semi-naked in an unexpected setting.

Monday 12 January 2015
Episode 2169     

A discovery in Anzani’s hotel room leads Lerumo to a horrifying realisation.  Dintle starts to lay her trap, and it looks like her target may well be ensnared.  Scelo is exposed but his mortification is short lived.

Tuesday 13 January 2015
Episode 2170     

Lerumo puts a puzzle together as Anzani finds herself on the brink of a terrifying situation. Gontse has a cunning plan to ensure that Gloria is not lonely.  A misinterpretation of a situation has Scelo regretting his actions.

Wednesday 14 January 2015
Episode 2171     

The Dustbin Man plays Anzani a blood curdling recording and Lerumo coaxes a disturbing confession out of Javas. Dintle’s probing scores her peace of mind. A new development means Ndumiso’s life will never be boring. Mmadika surprises Kitso with an assignment, but Kitso plots an even bigger surprise.

Thursday 15 January 2015
Episode 2172  

Lerumo tells Anzani what has been planned for her by the Dustbin Man and something belonging to someone she knows arrives – covered in blood. Dintle tells a lie which further ensnares a prison inmate in her web. Zinzile finds employment somewhere which could be uncomfortable for her.

Friday 16 January 2015
Episode 2173   

Anzani decides to fight back, but is unaware that her actions evoke the ultimate revenge. Gloria does battle with feelings about her past but a friend helps her move towards a brighter future. Scelo discovers that his peace-making skills need some work.

Monday 19 January 2015
Episode 2174   

Lerumo has a suggestion for a way out, but a silent witness hammers the final nail into Anzani’s coffin. Dintle gets some information which inspires her to step up her game plan.  Scelo discovers that Kitso is headed for disaster.

Tuesday 20 January 2015
Episode 2175

The Dustbin Man pulls off his biggest coup yet and makes a disturbing connection between Anzani and his mother. Gloria makes a horrifying discovery that could mean Obakeng will be part of her life forever. Scelo surprises Kitso with a heroic gesture, but the people it’s meant to impress aren’t smiling.

Wednesday 21 January 2015
Episode 2176  

As Anzani’s world collapses around her, she decides to focus her attention on her enemy. Dintle’s ingenuity seems to know no bounds and Gloria makes a decision which could change her life for the better. Kitso surprises Scelo by accepting something that is, by rights, not hers.

Thursday 22 January 2015
Episode 2177

The Dustbin Man changes the game by removing one of the players from the board. Dintle learns that Ruby plans to return and takes drastic action. Scelo agrees to do something he knows is very risky.

Friday 23 January 2015
Episode 2178   

Anzani awakens into a living nightmare. Dintle does what she does best and stirs up more trouble. Gloria makes a positive decision. Scelo and Kitso’s quest for adventure may have landed them in serious trouble.

Monday 26 January 2015
Episode 2179   

Anzani is presented with a picture of her future which is more terrifying than she could ever have imagined. Mangi makes a request of Quinton which could upset one woman in his life and destroy the carefully laid plans of another. The police lay a serious complaint against two newsroom employees.

Tuesday 27 January 2015
Episode 2180 

A murder causes a dead-end and raises fears about loyalties at NFH.  A number provides another dead-end but a name provides some hope. Quinton has news which causes Mangi relief, but someone else grief. A discovery about Kitso has Scelo both shocked and over the moon.

Wednesday 28 January 2015
Episode 2181 

Lerumo makes a startling discovery which he hopes could change Anzani’s life for the better – and someone else’s for the worse.  Dintle thinks that cyber anonymity could be the key to the success of her scheming.  Some praise leads to plans which have Scelo hopeful of making progress in his love life.

Thursday 29 January 2015
Episode 2182

A false claim lays a trap which Lerumo believes will set a loved one free. Gloria’s past gets the better of her but she is pointed towards a symbol of a brighter future. Scelo has high hopes which end up being drowned in sorrow.

Friday 30 January 2015
Episode 2183   

A terrifying counter threat to a threat of Lerumo’s leaves him back at square one. Dintle proves to be a master of international subterfuge which leads to consequences for Ruby.  Scelo can’t admit to desiring the thing he wants the most.

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