Skeem Saam Teasers November 2016

Skeem Saam Teasers November 2016

Soapie Teasers for Skeem Saam: November 2016, Here is whats coming up on Skeem Saam this November.

Skeem Saam Teasers for November 2016 are.


Tuesday 1 November 2016
Episode 82

Kwaito and Tbose realise that their troubles are far from over. Charles is at a dangerous crossroads. Mapitsi’s dream is slipping through her fingers.

Wednesday 2 November 2016
Episode 83

Emkay begins to see the true colours of someone who was becoming a friend. Charles is convinced that everyone in the community is jealous of him.

Thursday 3 November 2016
Episode 84

Kat thinks that he has been screwed over, and he goes on the attack. Emkay finds solace in his dangerous ally. Charles has an unlikely way to make money and it appears to be paying off.

Friday 4 November 2016
Episode 85

Lelo puts her plan of getting rid of an enemy into motion.  A dangerous man gets wind of Charles Kunutu’s new business venture, and he is not impressed. The talk of starting a family seems to have Mokgadi on tenterhooks.

Monday 7 November 2016
Episode 86

Rachel reaches out to someone she offended in the past. Ayanda discovers intriguing information about Jama. Charles plays hardball with BigBoy.

Tuesday 8 November 2016
Episode 87

Charles plays tough guy and deals harshly with a client. A stranger walks into Sonti’s life and there is the possibility of sparks and romance.

Wednesday 9 November 2016
Episode 88

BigBoy has two options that feel like a rock and a hard place. Sifiso is terrified of adapting to life without the one thing he always counted on.

Thursday 10 November 2016
Episode 89

MaNtuli almost lands herself in hot water after she makes comments about a work issue. Sonti gets a thrilling friend request from a handsome admirer. BigBoy finally has a breakthrough.

Friday 11 November 2016
Episode 90

Charles sinks into big trouble with his new business venture. Sonti’s admirer is not afraid of stating his intentions, and he blows her away. Celia puts her foot down and Alfred is not pleased that she will not go with his plan.

Monday 14 November 2016
Episode 91

Sifiso faces one of the toughest moments of his life. Nimza makes a frightening discovery. Sonti arrives at the edge of the metaphorical cliff… will she jump?

Tuesday 15 November 2016
Episode 92

Charles realises that he is playing in dangerous waters, and his life is in grave danger. It looks like Mr Kgomo has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar – could his career be over?

Wednesday 16 November 2016
Episode 93

Nimza has disappointing news for Charles. Mr Kgomo produces a secret weapon to stop two troublemakers from destroying his career. A violent man comes face to face with Charles and the consequences are dire.

Thursday 17 November 2016
Episode 94

Nimza and Celia receive shocking news about someone very close to them. An unlikely ally comes to Lelo’s rescue. Sonti has her first date with a guy she’s taken a liking to.

Friday 18 November 2016
Episode 95

Elizabeth shows kindness to someone she does not trust. Charles is desperate and willing to risk his life in order to buy into a popular chicken franchise. It looks like a long awaited miracle is about to happen to someone in Joburg.

Monday 21 November 2016
Episode 96

Charles refuses to heed the warnings about the dangers of defying someone who has it in for him. Sonti is on a rollercoaster with her heartthrob. Strange things begin to happen to Elizabeth.

Tuesday 22 November 2016
Episode 97

Elizabeth’s sudden trip to Turfloop leaves Mangaliso with more questions than answers. Wallet finds himself on the receiving end of Charles’ wrath. There could be a storm brewing between Sonti and the heartthrob.

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Episode 98

Elizabeth is going through something monumental, and she shuts Mangaliso out. Celia receives money to pay Rachel’s accommodation fees, but she has no idea that there are strings attached. Lelo receives good news, and makes a strange request to her parole officer.

Thursday 24 November 2016
Episode 99

Elizabeth waits for news that will decide her fate. Mangaliso is unwittingly falling into a spider’s web, and is not aware. Charles carries a large sum of money, and is worried if he’ll reach the bank without being accosted by his rival.

Friday 25 November 2016
Episode 100

Thenjiwe Ntombela pays Lelo a visit and unwittingly gives her something that could cause utter destruction. Sonti’s heartthrob makes a request that leaves her reeling and unsure. Kat gets some news about Charity.

Monday 28 November 2016
Episode 101

Lelo shows the true meaning of a leopard never changing its spots. Mokgadi does not think too highly of Sonti’s dating choice. Principal Thobakgale shares a secret with one of her staff members.

Tuesday 29 November 2016
Episode 102

Lelo manages to extract another favour out of her parole officer. Kat wonders if he has what it takes to sustain a relationship with the girl of his dreams. Joseph arrives at Granny’s house, but where on earth is Charity?

Wednesday 30 November 2016
Episode 103

Kat and Granny get very painful news about Charity. Lelo continues her manipulations of Elizabeth, and no one seems to be the wiser. Rumours about Sonti’s new man start to go around Turfloop.

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