UCT Undergraduate Student Funding / Bursaries 2016

UCT Undergraduate student funding / bursaries 2016

Scholarships 2016

Entrance scholarships

About scholarships awarded at UCT

    • Faculties offer two kinds of undergraduate scholarships: Faculty Entrance Scholarships, and Faculty Scholarships.
    • The numbers of these awards are limited.
    • Awards are made on the criteria detailed below.
    • There is no application process for these awards.
    • Faculties make awards using information provided in applications for admission and academic results, as appropriate.
    • We also make scholarship awards on the basis of individual consideration (i.e. we do not publish criteria for this) for holders of non-South African school-leaving qualifications.
    • Faculty Entrance Scholarships in the open and redress categories are awarded on the basis of the school leaving examination and/or NBT results. Deans may offer scholarship to applicants writing school leaving examinations other than the National Senior Certificate.

Faculty Entrance Scholarships

    in the redress category take into account the consequences of discrimination based on race. The University uses the applicant’s indication of parental classification under apartheid in considering eligibility for redress entrance scholarship awards. There are some variations in how faculties use the applicant’s indication of parental classification under apartheid to ensure that faculties are able to recruit particular groups of students that also contribute to diversity in the class.

  • Entrance scholarships are valid for one year of study. However, you may, as a UCT student, qualify for a faculty Scholarship in subsequent years of study.
  • An explanation of the redress categories can be found on page 15 of the Undergraduate Prospectus.
  • Faculty Scholarships are awarded to returning students on the basis of academic achievement; there are open and redress Faculty Scholarships.

General conditions applicable to Faculty Entrance Scholarships

  • Faculty Entrance Scholarships are for undergraduate students who are applying to enter a university for the first time, and are for the first year of academic study at the university.
  • Except in the BAS and in the performing and creative arts, Faculty Entrance Scholarships are guaranteed to applicants who attain the published faculty thresholds and register at UCT in 2016.
  • Eligibility for Faculty Entrance Scholarships is restricted to South African citizens and to South African permanent residents.
  • A Faculty Entrance Scholarship may be withdrawn entirely if a recipient cancels his or her academic registration before writing mid-year examinations (recipients who cancel registration after writing the mid-year exams will receive half the scholarship value).
  • Faculty Entrance Scholarships are valid for the year in which the offer is made. Applicants deferring their studies will need to meet the published threshold level for the year in which they register. Faculties may rollover an Entrance Scholarship offer for applicants who take a ‘Gap year’.
  • A small portion of the faculty’s allotted amount is set aside to be awarded at the dean’s discretion.

General conditions applicable to Faculty Scholarships

  • Faculty Scholarships are offered to students in their second or third year of undergraduate study. (Some Faculties also make awards for subsequent years of study.) Faculty Scholarships are tenable for one year.
  • To be considered for a Faculty Scholarship, a candidate must be registered for a full curriculum workload for the specified programme/qualification, and may not have failed a course within the programme for which he/she is registered.
  • While minimum levels of academic achievement, as defined by each Faculty and for academic programmes as specified will apply, Deans may exercise discretion when making scholarship awards taking into account a candidate’s academic record, circumstances and the advice of selection panels and heads of academic departments, as appropriate.
  • Faculty Scholarships may be withdrawn if a recipient fails to register at the University for the year in which the scholarship is awarded, changes his or her programme registration to another Faculty, or cancels his or her academic registration before writing mid-year examinations (recipients who cancel registration after writing the mid-year exams will receive half the scholarship value).

Faculty Points Score (FPS) and subject score thresholds for the award of Faculty specific Entrance Scholarships in 2016:

Faculty of Commerce

Redress 480 Proficient Proficient
Open 540 Proficient Proficient

(Faculty of Commerce criteria)

Faculty of Engineering & The Built Enviroment

Qualification Category Threshold
Bachelor of Architectural
Studies (BAS)
Ten best applicants
Five best applicants
All qualifications
(excl BAS)
FPS 80 and above
FPS 90 and above

(Faculty of Engineering & The Built Environment criteria)

Faculty of Health Sciences

Degree Category FPS NBT
MBChB Open 890 Proficient
Redress 1 810 Proficient
Redress 2 850 Proficient
Redress 3&4 890 Proficient
BSc Physiotherapy Open 780 Proficient
Redress 1 700 Intermediate
Redress 2 730 Intermediate
Redress 3&4 770 Intermediate
BSc Occupational Therapy Open 780 Proficient
Redress 1 670 Intermediate
Redress 2 690 Intermediate
Redress 3&4 750 Intermediate
BSc Audiology & BSc Speech-Language Pathology Open 750 Proficient
Redress 1 650 Intermediate
Redress 2 660 Intermediate
Redress 3&4 730 Intermediate

(Faculty Health Sciences criteria)

Faculty of Humanities

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of Social Work

Category FPS NBT
Open 510 (85% average) or above Proficient AL score
Redress 470 (78% average) or above Upper Intermediate AL score

Extended Programmes in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Science

Faculty entrance scholarships in this category acknowledge and reward excellent performance in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. There are ten scholarships available and they will be allocated competitively on the basis of academic merit to first time entering applicants. Awards are made by the Dean on the recommendation of the programme convenor and the Faculty Admissions Committee (RFAC)

Performing and Creative Arts Programmes

Awards in the Performing and Creative Arts (PCA) programmes are divided among the four areas (Drama, Fine Art, Music and Dance) on a pro rata basis, and in the award of Faculty Entrance Scholarships at least 50% of the awards must be to applicants from the redress category. The award for performing and creative programmes will be based on academic record, NBT Academic Literacy (AL) Test score and performing and creative excellence (as advised by the Selection Panel and the Head/ Director of the Department/ School). A scholarship offer will fall away if the student subsequently registers for a qualification outside of one of the Performing and Creative Arts.

(Faculty of Humanities criteria)

Undergraduate LLB

Category FPS NBT
Open 510 average of 85% for Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy
Redress 490 average of 75% for Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy

Graduate LLB

Category GPA
Open 77% for degree
Redress 70% for degree

(Faculty of Law criteria)

Faculty of Science

Category Criteria
  • A minimum Faculty Points Score (FPS) of 695 and ≥80% for Mathematics in the final NSC examinations
  • Level 1 scholarship (R40,000; FPS ≥ 730)
  • Level 2 scholarship (R20,000; FPS 695-729)
  • Applicants with a disadvantage factor of 1.1 and a minimum FPS of 660 and ≥80% for Mathematics in the final NSC examination.
  • Level 3 scholarship (R10,000; FPS 660-694)

Scholarships will be confirmed on registration in February 2016 and are only awarded for the 1st year of study. However, those who receive a level 1 scholarship (see above) will be awarded a Faculty Scholarship to the value of R20,000 in each of second and third year if the criteria described below are met.

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