Villa Rosa Teasers January 2015

Villa RosaVilla Rosa Teasers January 2015 – Coming up on Villa Rosa (kykNET) this January 2015:

Thursday 1 January 2015  
Episode 2023

It’s New Year’s Day and lives in Villa Rosa changed drastically after what had happened the previous night. All are in shock, but Stef and Vicky are blissfully unaware – until they get the horrible news. Nothing will ever be the same again …

Monday 5 January 2015
Episode 2024

All try to deal with Astrid ‘s death in their own way and Vicky believes Stef isn’t being honest about his feelings. Isabel shock Fritz with her outspoken response. Nico still doesn’t understand why he is in prison and makes a shocking accusation when he hears about Astrid ‘s murder. The police set him free and acknowledge that they have a new suspect .

Tuesday 6 January 2015
Episode 2025

Marius and Anthony are stunned when they have to call an ambulance to take Sussie to hospital. The Villa is worked up over what is wrong with Sussie and Paul is suspicious when Marius and Carina are concerned about each other.

Captain le Roux calls Stef with news about Astrid’s case. It seems that Nico wants to make himself at home in Bloemfontein and Paul shares important information with Carina – but it’s his attitude that takes her breath away .

Wednesday 7 January 2015 
Episode 2026 

Stef is struggling to come to terms with Astrid’s death. Sussie can’t find peace. Lindie realizes her days in the Villa are numbered. Nico settles his debt and Marius is impressed . Sussie says goodbye to Bloemfontein. Paul reaches out to Stef. Sonja Kruger books in at the villa . Vicky feels rejected by Stef.

Thursday 8 January 2015  
Episode 2027 

Stef has withdrawn from Vicky and it’s causing tension in the relationship. Maryke searches for friendly company with Anthony and he reaches out to her. Eben accidentally comes across shocking information.

Monday 12 January 2015  
Episode 2028 

An article appears in the local paper that may have serious consequences for the Rautenbachs. Vicky is still trying to reach out to Stef but he remains distant. Isabel upsets Fritz with her attitude towards the Villa shares, while an unpopular man has to the found before Astrid’s will can be read…

Tuesday 13 January 2015
Episode 2029

Sonja is working hard to find work, but not very successfully . Eben tries to persuade Marius to hire her. Vicky is frustrated because she can’t get through to a distant Stef. Paul gets bad news and this puts extra pressure on his and Carina ‘s relationship. Nico starts working at the Villa and makes sure that Stef doesn’t see him.

Wednesday 14 January 2015
Episode 2030

It’s the day of Astrid ‘s cremation. Vicky ‘s dress is right but Stef unsettles her again. Nico becomes a citizen at the Villa. Fran meets Maryke and isn’t afraid to air her opinion. Sonja’s first day at work arrives but it seems that Paul has already lost hope. While Stef relives the past, Vicky makes a life decision.

Wednesday 15 January 2015 
Episode 2031  

Vicky and Stef drift further apart. It seems Astrid still stands between them. Maryke makes sure Anthony knows that she thinks his mother is special. Marius is impressed with Sarah, but Eben doesn’t feel the same. Paul says farewell to Carina. Fritz invites Nico to stay in the Villa. The mysterious Mr. Albrect arrives.

Monday 19 January 2015  
Episode 2032  

Stef reads Astrid ‘s will and the content causes shock waves through the Villa. Who knows what and who Gunther Albrecht really is? Vicky ‘s patience is wearing thin with Stef but Marius is there to support her. Maryke shows her true colors, without Anthony noticing anything .

Tuesday 20 January 2015  
Episode 2033

Gunther is upset that Stef is trying to keep him in Bloemfontein and even Fritz feels his son handled the matter badly. Anthony is worried about Maryke and Villa Rosers. Nico and Fritz enjoy each other’s company and play music together while the distance between Stef and Vicky grows.

Wednesday 21 January 2015
Episode 2034

Vicky is fed up with Stef ‘s aloofness and stops wearing her engagement ring. Marius and Gunther talk. Sonja schemes to get together Marius and Carina together, but then feels guilty. Fritz is concerned about Stef and Vicky ‘s relationship. Anthony is helpless when he finds out something shocking about Maryke.

Thursday 22 January 2015
Episode 2035

Anthony gets a disturbing SMS. Carina catches out Sonja. Stef is emotional when he receives Astrid ‘s ashes. A meeting is called when the results of the DNA test are ready.

Monday 26 January 2015
Episode 2036

Vicky puts up a strong front but it’s hard for her to be alone. Sonja gets offered the housekeeper position. Astrid ‘s letter makes Gunther even more resentful. Maryke plays the role of victim masterfully but Anthony withdraws. Stef ‘s presence in the Villa makes Nico nervous.

Tuesday 27 January 2015 
Episode 2037   

Fritz warns Stef to stop snooping into Gunther ‘s past but then Stef makes a shocking discovery. Marius and Stef both try to get Gunther ‘s shares but Fritz has other plans. Vicky tells Stef the truth. Maryke plays a dangerous game with Anthony .

Wednesday 28 January 2015
Episode 2038

Stef cannot wait to squeeze the truth out of Nico but Fritz is not convinced of Nico’s guilt. Nico tries to convince Gunther that Stef’s targeting them both but looks for support in vain. Anthony is still trying to help Maryke but is shocked by an observation made by Isabel after she meets Maryke. Sonja makes a confession to Eben and he promises to keep her secret .

Thursday 29 January 2015
Episode 2039

Fritz has his hands full with Stef and Marius doesn’t fare much better with Vicky. They are both agonizing because they feel they have not assisted Stef enough. Nico tries to win back favour with the Rosers and tries to make an ally of Gunther. Will Gunther co-operate or does he have his own agenda and if so, what it? Sonja makes a valiant effort in the kitchen.

Villa Rosa is on kykNET Mondays to Thursdays at 18h00. An earlier season airs on kykNET & kie, also at 18h00.

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