How to became a Fitter or Welder

How to became a Fitter or Welder in South Africa

What does a fitter/welder do?

Lays out, positions and secures parts and assemblies according to specifications, welds components using electricity or gas and installs or repairs equipment such as lead pipes, valves, floors and tank linings.

What are the benefits?

You will have an opportunity to secure good employment with a competitive salary. The work is challenging, but you will have the satisfaction of seeing the tangible results of your work.

What qualities/skills do I need?

You will need physical strength and stamina, good coordination and manual dexterity , mechanical aptitude and the ability to work in close quarters.

Who will employ me?

Contractors involved in manufacturing, construction or maintenance and repair; large engineering works and industrial plants; factories and iron and steel plants; shipyards and government departments, and Transnet, mines and garages.

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