What is a Trade Test

What does a Trade Test involve?

During an Apprenticeship, modular and phase tests will be conducted as the programme progresses to assess the learner’s grasp of the skills being taught. These tests lead to a final Trade Test that assesses the learner’s overall competence to become an Artisan in his or her chosen trade.

A Trade Test is therefore, a final external summative assessment included in the occupational qualification for a listed Artisan trade. It is conducted by an assessor registered with the National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB) at a Trade Test Centre accredited by the SETA and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).

Only when you have passed a Trade Test will you be recognised as a qualified Artisan.

Contact National Artisan Moderation Body (NAMB):

Tel: 011 206 1000
Fax: 011 316 4763
Email: [email protected]
Old Pretoria/Kempton Park Rd,
Private Bag X5

Tel: 011 736 4400
Tel: 086 035 6635
Fax: 086 535 9768
Email: [email protected]
Sam Ngema Rd,
Private Bag X79

 Website: http://nadsc.dhet.gov.za


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