WSU Admission Requirements for Science, Engineering & Technology

Your admission to Walter Sisulu University (WSU) for Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology is dependent on you meeting the specific general admission requirements / APS for your chosen qualification. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may want to consider alternative qualifications or possibly, if you qualify, an extended programme (refer to the college admission requirements), enabling you to register for limited modules in your first year.

Here are the WSU Admission / Entry Requirements for Science, Engineering and Technology:


 The Higher Education Act No 101 of 1997, amended in May 2008, stipulates the following minimum entry requirements for university programmes as of January 2009:

  • Minimum admission requirements for higher certificate, diploma and Bachelor’s Degree programmes require a National Senior Certificate (NSC).
  • Policy considerations: Page 2 of the Government Gazette
  • This policy will be applicable to all higher education institutions with effect from January 2009.
  • The policy outlines the statutory minimum admission to higher education at the National Senior Certificate (NSC) level.
  • Though NSC is the primary gateway, it does not guarantee admission to any Programme of study in higher education.
  • Within the context of this policy, WSU exercises its right as a higher education institution to set up specific admission requirements.
  • A full list of recognised national curriculum subjects is available on the website: under Student Admissions.

Minimum admission requirements

Matric & NSC Requirements

Campus prospectuses set out details of NSC and matric requirements for each programme.

Admission Point Score

Applicants who have obtained an NSC qualification must meet the required Admission Point Score (APS) score that is set for each programme.

NSC results are translated into points for each NSC subject. Results of interviews and other assessments may also be taken into account in determining the total APS or Admission Point Score.

Unless otherwise stated within a campus prospectus, WSU has, in terms of the new NSC, allocated a rating system according to levels as follows:


Level Percentage Symbol Status of achievement APS
7 90-100% A+ Outstanding achievement 9
7 80-90% A Outstanding achievement 8
6 70-79% B Meritorious achievement 7
5 60-69% C Substantial achievement 6
4 50-59% D Moderate achievement 5
3 40-49% E Adequate achievement 4
2 30-39% F Elementary achievement 1
1 0-29% G Not achieved – Fail 0

 General rules and comments

  1. In keeping with Act 101 of 1997 for minimum requirements, revised in May 2008, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to programmes offered at the campuses.
  2. Due to the large number of applications for a limited number of places, there is a competitive selection process.
  3. SATAP tests are conducted for all applicants applying for admission to the Science, Engineering & Technology programmes.
  4. The assessment by SATAP tests/ portfolio presentation (where applicable) is equally weighted with academic results in Matric or NSC.
  5. Admission in terms of recognition of prior learning (RPL) is in accordance to Walter Sisulu University policy.
  6. Transfer from other institutions will be considered on merit.
  7. Under exceptional circumstances, the Dean may exercise his discretion.
  8. Applicants who have been excluded from other institutions on academic grounds will not be considered.

Admission from other degree and diploma programmes

Students with appropriate degrees will be considered for admission to postgraduate programmes. A limited number of students with incomplete degrees will be considered for admission to all graduate programmes.

Progression and exclusion rules

Students should take due note of the institutional rules G7-G11 as is appears in the WSU 2014 General Prospectus on re-admission of students to undergraduate programmes.

As provided for under the WSU 2014 General Prospectus rules (with specific reference to G8.1, G8.2. G9.1 & G9.2) the respective campus prospectuses set out minimum progression requirements for each programme in FSET.

A student that progresses at a slower rate than that what is required for the specific programme will be refused further re-admission on the grounds of “poor academic performance”. Please consult the respective programme prospectus for details.

Students who if registered would exceed the maximum duration of any programme will not be permitted to register for that or any other programme and will therefore be excluded from any programme on academic grounds.

Exit/Completion rules

Students should note that the respective campus prospectuses set out the detailed requirements that must be met for each programme in order to qualify for the awarding of the certificate, diploma or degree.

The following additional requirements apply in general in addition to any programme requirements.

a. Students must pass all modules and/or courses and satisfy all other requirements in order to qualify for the awarding of the certificate, diploma or degree.

b. In addition to any other year level requirements, the minimum year level credits of the programme must be achieved or exceeded for each year level.

c. In addition to any other year level requirements, the minimum credits of the entire programme must be achieved or exceeded.