Polokwane Municipality: Bursary 2020

Last updated on November 19th, 2019 at 11:44 am Polokwane Local Municipality is offering bursaries to deerving learners and encourages interested learners to apply. The Municipality’s Bursary Programme aims to provide access to high quality and relevant education and training and skills development opportunities including workplace learning and experience, to […]

TETA: Bursary 2020 in SA

Department of Higher Education and Training The Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) invites qualifying unemployed learners to apply for funding for the financial year 2020.  As a part of its skills development initiatives. Transport Education Training Authority awards bursaries annually for studies aligned to critical and scarce skills identified in […]

Capitec Bank: Bursary 2019 / 2020

Capitec Bank is offering Bursary Programme for the financial year 2019 / 2020. We offer bursaries to fund studies in selected fields and are looking for individuals who: are determined to succeed, motivated to reach their dreams and will seize every available opportunity. If you fit this description and need […]

Thuthuka: Bursaries 2019 / 2020 in SA

Thuthuka Bursary Fund is offering bursaries programme for financial year 2019/2020 in South Africa. Bursary Application Closing Date: 28 June 2019 Bursary Provider : Thuthuka Bursary Fund Bursary Location : South AfricaC About the bursary programme 1. This document is not in any way an agreement or commitment. 2. The […]

Compensation Fund: Bursaries 2019 / 2020 in SA

The Compensation Fund is offering bursaries programme for financial year 2019/2020 to youth. dependents of Compensation Fund pensioners and current Compensation Fund pensioners, intending to pursue the following identified critical skills. Bursary Application Closing Date: 31 October 2019 Bursary Provider : Compensation Fund Bursary Location : South Africa Field of […]

Sasol: Bursary 2019 / 2020 in SA

Sasol is offering Bursary Programme for 2019 in South Africa. The Sasol Bursary Programme offers bursaries on the basis of a service-binding (work back obligation after graduation) contract. Applications may be submitted for one of the above mentioned fields of studies. Bursary Application closing date  is 30 April 2019 Bursary […]

PwC: Bursary 2019 / 2020 in South Africa

PWC invites applicants to apply for Bursary Programme for financial year 2019 in South Africa. Our bursary programme is available to university students who are studying towards becoming a chartered accountant at a SAICA accredited university (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants). Bursaries are awarded to high-performing, talented individuals. The […]

CHIETA: Bursary 2019 in SA

The CHIETA has established a bursary programme to offer financial assistanceto young South Africans who qualify to undertake full-time studies at any accredited South African Public Tertiary Institution within the following subsectors. Bursary Application Closing Date: 28 February 2019 Bursary Provider : CHIETA Internship Location : South Africa The bursary […]

SITA: ICT Bursaries 2019 in SA

SITA (State Information Technology Agency)  invites applicants to apply for x280 Bursaries Programme for financial year 2019. This Bursary is for students who wants to pursue career in ICT at any recognised South African University . Bursary Application Closing Date: 28 February 2019 Bursary Provider: SITA Bursary Location: South Africa […]

Johannebusrg Water: Bursaries 2019 in Gauteng

Johannebusrg Water invites applicants to apply for Bursaries 2019 in Gauteng. The bursary amount will consist of full tuition, residence fees, cash allowance and paid vacation work. Bursary Application Closing Date: 01 February 2019 Bursary Provider: Johannebusrg Water Bursary Location: Gauteng Field of Studies BEng Tech: Electrical Engineering with 1st […]

Aon SA: Bursary 2019 in South Africa

Aon South Africa invites applicants to apply for Bursary Programme for financial year 2019. Aon SA is committed to skills development in the Insurance industry and is offering bursary opportunities to x3 South African students in 2019 who are excelling in their academic fields and would like to further their […]

Agricultural Research Council: Bursary 2019 in Pretoria

The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) invites suitable applicants to apply for Postgraduate Scholarship / Bursary Programme for 2019. Bursary Applocation Closing Date: 21 January 2019 Bursary Location: Pretoria Bursary Provider: Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Who can Apply? Young and dynamic science graduates are invited to apply for a significant number […]